Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pie In The Sky--Dream Come True!

Yesterday I had my Reiki Dream come true: I taught Reiki to my coworkers in the Operating Room.

What motivates me is to Heal the Healers. In regular anesthesia work, I am the one many doctors, nurses, and staff request when they have surgery. They ask for me. I am that good at it. They have their friends and family ask for my services too. *

Two RN's, a Surgical Technologist (who WANTS to be an RN) and her boyfriend came to Reiki 1 I taught yesterday.

Another dream, a Pie In The Sky Part 2 Dream, is for Reiki instruction to be given to children, like in a Montessori school, so they may grow up never 'forgetting' their connection to Source. My son's teacher came to Reiki 1 class too! She also confided that my boy has been teaching HER Reiki, the symbol CKR already! And when Nathan hurt his knee, my son was right on it giving Reiki on the playground. The teacher asked Nathan did it still hurt? And Nathan, after getting Reiki, said, 'No.'

Both dreams are well on the way to becoming Reality.

All five were Starseeds, I felt it. Two were Pleiadian, one very strongly so. I felt it during the attunements. Another is a Yoga Teacher and RN!

Hummingbirds kept looking in the window. They are my Totem. They represent Joy. All day long they kept coming. The students noticed it, and enjoyed it very much too. All the trees and birds singing and breezes were like Spirit giving their Blessing, just to let us know They were Present.

The same exact moment one student lay on the table for the first Reiki demonstration, we heard the sound of shattering glass upstairs. We thought perhaps the easel with the flip chart on it, the flimsy twenty-five dollar one that kept falling, broke the sliding glass door. It wasn't. It was the rice jar. It fell off the counter in the kitchen.

I was horrified. Broken glass. Spilled rice. It was a sign but I was not sure what.

I also felt oddly like Sleeping Beauty at that moment. I knew somehow I was going to get cut by the glass. Everyone helped to pick it up. I swept up the rice. We vacuumed. But when I went to pick up the cardboard six-pack holder of tiny glass bottles of coke (my son loves it, and I ration it out very sparingly) as I was trying to adjust it to keep the rice from spilling out, I felt glass on my right pinkie finger. A shard about two by three inches had slid in vertically between the cardboard handle and the bottle necks. There was no way to have seen it in advance. Calmly, I set it down and looked at the cut. About four millimeters, it looked like a paper cut.

Then it started to bleed. I bleed more than most people--I have a bleeding condition and I have to take medicine for it. It looked awful. What is this? Broken glass, spilled rice, AND blood?!?

But then I noticed:

  • we worked together like a unit to fix the spill so we could walk barefoot again in the kitchen
  • one RN is a mechanical genius--she changed the bag on the Miele vacuum cleaner, my new one, easily even though she had never seen one before.
  • everyone gave me Reiki. I could feel it from their hands. It worked. I still needed a bandage due to the bleeding, but today it is almost all the way healed.
Then to celebrate, only three could make it. We went out to our favorite vegan/raw restaurant together. 

The power was out.

How odd is that?

Everything worked out for the best. It helped us grow closer together as healers, all of us, even the owners of the place. Like the broken glass, everyone worked together as a team to save valuable frozen food items. It was like a volunteer fire department!

Ah! There is a hummingbird right now taking a bath in the fountain.

Thank you Spirit.


Reiki Doc

* you can request my services too at time of scheduling surgery if you live in the area. Contact me, on my Facebook page Doctors With Reiki by messaged. Tell me your surgeon's name. If I know and work with them, I will provide information so you can request me to be in the OR with you. But only under my professional name, not as 'Reiki Doc'. Work does not 'know' yet this is who I am. I appreciate all confidentiality with this. Mahalo.