Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Healing Raw Brandy

A friend of mine posted a Reiki request on my Teacher's Prayer List.

I 'dialed in' to her energy using my skills of Reiki 2.

She was very low in energy. I was guided to give 'just Reiki', no symbols or Karuna. So I did.

Then this prayer popped up from my heart center without my being aware I could think of it: I asked the disease to make her Lesson clear so that she can learn it easily.
  My friend Brandy is Raw Vegan, and has been for years. We took Reiki and Karuna Reiki classes together.

In Spirit, Iwas an angel, and that is what she 'saw' when I was with her. I held her in my arms and my wings, and she cried so much her shoulders shook. I put her head on my chest and cradled her as she wept and told me how horrible everything was for her. I knew by the location of the illnesses that it was overwhelming financial and purpose issues. I also knew that with her presence of mind to ask the group for help she was practicing a healthy form of self-love.

I encouraged her to rest, and promised I would be near her. But she cried harder and did not want to let me go. I was perplexed, and then I reached up and made an elixir for her with orange and vanilla. I fed her three spoons. And she smiled and relaxed and let go.

This kind of healing is going to be important soon. I have experienced it myself--upon connecting with someone, an entity, of a Higher Vibration, I release and want to share just how horrible and awful the entire three dimensional experience has been!

Be there for others. We are in this together. Put that Reiki2 to good use!


Reiki Doc