Saturday, April 6, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 69

February 12, 2010
I am going to talk to you. I died. It was pleasant. I never worried a bit about going to the other side.  I had pleasure in my life, I found it, made the path, and followed it to the angels.
What about you? What is your pleasure? A clean house? Lots of money? Joy? Fellowship? (that is what you were doing last night)
My angel, God will be good to you. But only if you let it. You will have cupcakes and not get fat if you do it every once in a while. Never be afraid or worry that God does not love you. Whether there is a man in your life to hold you, or not, God’s love for you is always the same.
I was from Cincinnati. I am Father Al Moser. I died a long time ago. I was blessed to know you. Both of you. I did not see the trouble ahead for you with Mark. If I did, I would not have married you. I drove down with prayer, and I drove up with prayer all in my heart for a good and wonderful wedding for you. It didn’t happen. You were spared a horrible disaster. I am sorry about you brain surgery but in a way it was a sign that let you out.
Your son is missing you. Try to stop cleaning and get ready for him.(ed- his dad is due to drop him off later).  Have a good time today. Have fun. Both of you are in need of it. My beautiful child, I knew that you were special. May the Lord Bless you and keep you, may the Lord lift His countenance upon you, may He give you a safe dwelling place, and peace.
Father Al Moser of the Berkeley CP (Paulists)

(ed-Father Al’s birthday is February 7)