Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 82

November 3, 2010
Good night Carla. This is Jon Wetterholm, the chaplain. I came to say Good Bye/Good Night to you. I am in Heaven. I made it. I thought I had prepared for it. I hadn’t. I thought by memorizing parts of the Bible and studying it, making myself available would do the trick. I was wrong. It was ME, my earnesty, my trying, my Faith (and not my good works) that got me here. I was humbled and inspired at the same time. God’s plan is that ANYONE with an open heart and true intent can make it. The grandmother that feeds her grandbabies when her daughter is inept and incapacitated. The doctor that really tries to learn, is not the most intelligent but safe (and misses her family). The one that has not made love in over a year and before that five. The one that got her pregnant broke her heart, didn’t it? Now I was very well aware of the situation, but the CAUSE? Now I know. I’m sorry, anyone would have fallen for it. The Spirit, I would have. Your son is beautiful. I learned that by looking at Facebook what makes right of an honestly terrible situation is faith…lived…breathing every day. And for giving thanks every day. Over everything.
It was your faith and trust in me that blessed MY heart. I saw you working doing miracles (and Frank—how that one wrought your heart. I knew the subtleties and subcontext. It was your front of face and talent that got me my respect because of what you overcame)
My friendship is another life away, once removed a bit, but that is only temporary. I see ahead. It is GREAT. Between now, this minute now, and when you are a truly old lady is simply wonderful. I am young again, as will be you. Enjoy it. Enjoy the path on which you take. Change it is you stop enjoying it. Never be afraid of what will happen.
Now rest. And Goodbye. I love you.
Jon Wetterholm in faith and spirit and grace and what is right.