Monday, April 15, 2013

Financial Abundance Portal Opening and Healing The Grid

There is no picture to add. I will explain in words exactly what happened, as I was guided and as I saw it.

I awoke at twenty to one in the morning. I was guided to eat. I always eat before a healing with Lightworker Community.

Today I had, in my special blue Japanese print bowl--Tirawmisu, Organic Maple Syrup, and about 1/3 cup uncooked rolled oats.

As I ate, I sat at the kitchen table, and was guided to look at the pages of the book, The Elements, a pictorial guide. I saw different ones, most notably, copper, silver, and finally Gold. The ones in between, praseodynium, cobalt, tungsten, zinc, tin, all looked 'different' and it puzzled me why iron and copper would be so familiar, but the others were not.

I also learned that in the center of hemoglobin is a molecule of iron. In the center of chlorophyll is a molecule of something close, perhaps iron too. And in the center of some other animals with blue blood, there is a molecule of copper in the center of the Heme ring.

Gold never tarnishes. It conducts electricity better than anything on the planet. And all of it on earth would make a cube sixty-feet on the edge.

I also know that Gold is special in the Universe for its properties. I wear three Hawaiian Gold bracelets on my right arm because of it. I am 'taking them with me' when I ascend. I have earned them.

I was guided to go lie in my bed for the healing. I usually lie down or recline.

As I turned the corner at the foot of the bed, I heard something hit the ground, and a beautiful fragrance caught my nose. It was the Aphrodite healing aromatherapy oil. The holder for it is copper. There is a face on it. My Twin Flame. He was Present.

I was guided to leave the blue bottle open, and to remove the copper necklace, and place them on the nightstand.

As I lay back, the blanket mysteriously moved up and caressed my left cheek, as if guided by an unseen hand. It startled me. I had never experienced anything like this before. (Once I woke up to someone kissing my lips in spirit but felt real. That was shortly after Dad died. It upset me. Tim Braun said it had been Dad. He didn't know it would weird me out.)

I felt Sarah, Jacqui, Laurita, and one more on the East Coast's energy 'connect' with mine.

I was guided to do the Goddess Spiral. (see youtube video).

The first time I did it, a big ugly winged super tall entity loomed in my consciousness. I caught my breath! I asked Archangel Michael to take it away. And the ugly thing was taken away in handcuffs.

I did more Goddess Spiral. Each time, deeper and deeper layers of icky entities, that grew progressively smaller until they were flat black dots, were cleared by Light Forces. They were taken away in custody, and were peaceful the whole time.

I could see each of my partners in the Light creating blue vortexes geographically around them, and the many, many connections that meshed back to them.

I saw London come online. I saw two places in Australia. And I saw the East Coast not as  strong, but still like a water sprinkler with energy going up.

And then it was me.

I didn't sparkle.

I got to spend time with Him.

I couldn't relax. It took some time to let my guard down. This was the longest part of the healing--getting to be where I was calm in His presence, the presence of my Twin Flame. There was an energy we radiated out from our heart centers. We were back to back, and sparkly rainbow Light went out like a garden sprinkler on the lawn as we slowly spun.

Then I felt a Galactic Pulse, like a very slow heart beat, going through all of us Lightworkers.

I saw the masses, with their hunger, all over the globe. People are STARVING, and it is WRONG. I could see the way the system had tricked all of us into accepting this horrible LIE that there was not enough for everyone.

I saw St. Germain and his Violet Flame, calling the shots on the new financial system that is fair and equitable and transparent to all. I saw him directing Light all over the globe.

I saw Jesus, and He said how He is going to take care of all of his Hungry Children. I saw their mouths opening, and them gaining weight and health, all over one half of the globe. I saw brown ones, black ones, white ones, all with their ribs sticking out and gaunt faces, regaining health.

I saw Buddha, and he sent me a picture of his monks going from door to door with their rice bowls, begging for food. This saddened him, that they would be reduced to this. I saw all of the hungry in the East, with their mouths open, getting filled with rice from Buddha, all over their part of the globe.

As I relaxed, peacefully, in the arms of my beloved, I felt my emptiness in my soul fill. I also felt the fullness in my tummy, and how nice and warm and comforting it was to have something good to eat inside.

Then I saw the presence of the Galactics. I saw Gold Beams and Purple beams of Light shining down. I saw many of the ships landing, and the Galactic family being welcomed by the surface Gaia family with open arms.

Gold sparkles rained down over Earth. It rained these large, golf-ball sized droplets for quite some time all over the globe.  This was the Abundance and Prosperity.

I was guided to say, 'Good Night' to all of my fellow Lightworkers who were doing this healing with me. I did, one by one. And I said, 'see you soon'.

And before I went to sleep, I thanked my angels, guides, and Galactic Family for their helping us.

I also thanked Cobra and Lady Isis. I asked them, because I saw them, if I would recognize them when they took their proper place as Galactic Representatives from their worlds (I know them in Earthen form). They reassured me and said yes, I would recognize them.

Cobra smiled and said, 'The Grid is Clear' (of all non-physical and physical um, not-so-light 'characters').

Then I was guided to write this. As I got out of bed, I heard, No one will ever go hungry again.

Bless You and I Love You,

Reiki Doc