Tuesday, April 2, 2013

News From The Soul Pod

This is Kasatka. She knows me. And I know her. We communicated twice yesterday. How can this be?

Well, let me tell you something about whales. It is scientific 'proof': their brains are bigger than ours--dolphins, too. They are social creatures. Female dolphins and whales live with the mother's pod for life. They are a matriarchy. There are also 'bachelor pods'' in the wild, and males can 'join' another pod when they choose. Kasatka is the matriarch. She is the dominant whale, and keeps everyone in the pod in line. The oldest matriarch known to science is 'Granny', who is estimated to be 70-100 years old, in the waters of British Columbia. She is a resident killer whale (fish only), not a transient (marine mammal hunter). She is also related to Corky who has been captive for decades and is almost fifty years old.

Have you ever seen an echo machine? Echocardiography, for a good study, requires a computer on wheels that is very heavy and about the size of a small refrigerator--not bar size, but the cheap one with the freezer on top like if you live in an apartment. That is to keep track  of the images formed by the sound waves that are generated through the device in a little tiny piezoelectric crystal the size of a quarter at the tip of the probe. See that bump on Kasatka's head? That is her 'melon'. Her ultrasound machine is her sinuses/melon/hasal passages and her brain.

If someone goes to a dolphin in a tank at a research center, plays for two hours throwing a hoop and having the dolphin fetch it, and goes away for two years, never to return until that day two years later, guess what? The dolphin will go to the toy box, find that same hoop, and offer it to that person once it sees that face after all that time has passed! Would a human be able to remember like this? I doubt it.

On a spiritual level, as 'science and proof', whales and dolphins are embodied by souls that originate from Sirius. They are very higher dimensional, in other words, capable of maintaining Higher Energies that Cannot Be Seen and Can Only Be Felt.  They anchor the grid in the oceans. And also in San Diego. In one very special place.

I go to this place. Often. When my son was between one and two, I went every time I could. In October, I went every Friday in a row. All we liked to do is  be near the whales, watch them, and enjoy their amazing energy.

Since I was nursing, around nap time, I would sit on the ground by the fence, relax, and stay with him in my arms until the nap was through. It would be two hours at a time, maybe a little longer.

Whales were watching me. I could see them poking their head up. This behavior is called 'spy hopping' (not to be confused with 'sky clad' : )   ). One watched more than usual. I did not know at the time, but now I do: it had to be Kasatka, the matriarch, who was looking out for her pod.

That is how I got the pat on the back, where in the deep tank with the window, she swam by, looked me in the eye, and hit me with the super-charged thought there was NO WAY TO MISS, 'Good Mom!'.

Kalia, her next to last calf, and my son are the same age. Exactly.

Now I am going to talk about fellow humans and spirituality. Often, before something more spiritual, there is a 'test' of sorts, a challenge that is presented by Spirit to help you learn something you couldn't learn any other way.

My boy and I had just gotten out of Guest Services. We had Dine With Shamu for lunch, for dinner, and Quick Queue tickets in hand. Since he has been in a growth spurt, and loves their tee shirts, I bought him several. I even bought some for me...so we needed a locker.

My son, like a true Crystal Child, is a little 'strange' about clothes, in his case, the feet. He ties his laces really tight. There is only one shoe salesman that can deal with his 'thing' about his feet. Others have been almost reduced to tears, just like me, with his being 'particular'.

He had just changed out the laces because the old ones were falling apart--this is typical for him--and as he was running to the locker stand he tripped on his own shoelaces and fell, HARD, right on his stomach.

He started screaming in pain. He is a very stoic child; this is not like him. Normally I assess him first and then give emotional support. Not this time. I saw the mechanism--this is how we evaluate trauma--a T-bone crash, a roll over, an ejection from the vehicle. I know what happens to the body in blunt and penetrating trauma. I spent two years doing trauma as a medical student, one as an intern, and one as an R2 where I ran the ICU and burn unit. His liver and spleen had a good chance to have taken a hit. These solid organs crack like a melon. Most of the time, the skin on it, the 'capsule', is like that layer of skin on an onion, and contains the blood. With ultrasound diagnosis, instead of exploratory laparotomy (surgery), the patient is put on bed rest until it can heal. The wind wasn't knocked out of him, but the fall took the full weight on the abdomen and both hands.

I scooped him in my arms to comfort him and give Reiki as best I could. I bent down and if people saw my underwear up my skirt I don't care.

But everyone, the crowds, walking in the gate, walked by.

Not one of them understood the mechanism. They were in their own world. They thought if he was crying he was okay. There was no blood. 

They had NO CLUE that with my medical knowledge, and with my explaining it to you, what we know now. Bleeding can be sudden and massive and life-threatening at any time. The child would need to go to the hospital in an ambulance if that 'onion skin' split. He would have hemoperitoneum, loss of consciousness, and shock.

A quick-thinking worker came by, and asked if everything was okay. I said 'no!' and 'would you please call for help'. I explained the mechanism, my being a physician, and my concern. He 'got it'. Help was due to arrive. This worker did not leave our side until help arrived.

Thousands of people walked past us. Only two other supervisor types arrived before the medics. I could tell they thought everything was okay, even through they asked. They were clueless too.

San Diego has one of the top trauma systems in the nation. It came online later than the other cities, and learned from their mistakes. The entire city is carved into designated catch areas. And every hospital that does trauma takes care of its region. All are Level one--specialty surgeons like neurosurgeons in house, they do research, and have an OR open and ready at all times for any cases that are so serious they must go straight to the O.R.

The medics were cool. Everything was okay--vitals, exam, and they even washed the scrapes on the hand and put a Shamu bandaid on. They agreed, better to be safe, and no action rides for the day. They circled on the map where all the first aid stations were, just in case he worsened. And gave us extra band aids in case it fell off after washing his hands...

We returned the Quick Queue passes, and went straight to Dine With Shamu.

On the way there, in the deep tank, was Kastaka and her baby. She has a beautiful voice in Spirit. Thank you for sending me Reiki while I was giving birth. I needed it very much. It helped.

She hadn't seen me--she felt my energy and knew who I was. And what I did. She is very higher dimensional. This is normal in 5D.

At Dine with Shamu, lunch, we saw Ulysses and Nakai. Nakai had the slice of skin come off his chin a while back. It is almost better. He was being chased and misjudged his depth and got it sliced on a gate. Nakai is eleven. That is kid age for a whale.

Uli is the biggest of the pod, about ten thousand pounds and twenty feet long. He is my son's favorite. My son wants to be a trainer. Uli gives him a gift every Christmas. Last year it was a black and white tennis racquet...

At dinner when I saw Uli being fed by the trainer, I looked him in the eye. I 'sensed' his happiness. He could not believe his luck to get all this food and not have to hunt like before. This is great! This is a good deal! He was okay  with it, his life.

Might I point out that someone on a tour back stage verified that Sea World was closed on the seal rescue because its capacity and therefore, like the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, is maxed out? The seals and sea lions in the local ocean are starving. And sick. I have posted requests for people to donate in the state of emergency on Facebook, Twitter. Only one mentioned it. Lightworker Community. Others may have too, and if you did, either in Spirit (prayer) or finances help, I thank you immensely. But for everyone else who just kept walking by--baby seals are dying!  Are you are too busy with your own lives to ignore this disaster?. Is your consciousness so low that your heart doesn't respect the consciousness of those that do 'get it' enough to make the request? These oceans are SICK. Something is unhealthy in them. Why does everybody care about the Voice and Idol and What Is On T.V. but not Gaia and her oceans? That makes ME  concerned! How about you? Does it upset you that the oceans are dying? And since everything on Gaia is connected, through a delicate spiritual and physical ecosystem, that we are therefore dying too?

I get off my soap box.

I am passionate about all of the creatures in the sea. Man has made this beautiful resource a stinking garbage pit. I am ashamed how we two-legged mammals 'rule the earth' in such a crappy way. I am totally disappointed. Let us leave it at that.

Corky came to Dine with Shamu. And Orkid. Orkid was born in 1988 and was the first killer whale born in captivity.

At the One Ocean killer whale show, I got to see family--Kasatka, her son Nakai (11), Kalia (8), and the unnamed 'Baby Shamu' that was born on Valentine's Day--performing together. Did you know Kasatka teaches them how to do the flips and jumps? I felt the energy of the Goddess, and had tears of joy running down my face. I felt her happiness! She has a pod of her own. Even here, in this strange series of tanks where trainers become like whales themselves to take care of them, Gaia is Present.

One of the trainers says every time he has to dive to the bottom of the tank, he has to clear his ears two times because of the pressure of water on his eardrums every fifteen feet. They take a swim test every three months: two laps freestyle across the tank at Dine With Shamu in a time limit. Able to swim one length across underwater and not come up for air. Able to go to bottom of tank. These trainers are in top physical condition! They know all of the whales, and work with them, and know the whales' favorite rewards--ice, jello, a hot water pour (warm water0 in the mouth, tactile reinforcement...fish... And also they say that the whales can hear us, and appreciate the applause.

Together, the whales and trainers form a Soul Pod. Their mission is to bring the messages of the higher dimensions to the masses, with entertainment and fun. Whales only learn and perform when it is fun. People are like hat, too. The show, Believe,  was  all about trusting in your ability to make your dreams come true. Now it is One Ocean, with emphasis on ecology, preservation, and how everything is 'connected' physically and in a sense, 'spiritually' too. In the pre-show they talk about the thousands and thousands of rescues SeaWorld has done in the community. If there is an orphan, they know how to feed it and help it return to the wild.

This is some pretty fantastic stuff.

After dinner, I watched the trainers feed Kasatka, Nakai, Kalia, and the baby, and put them to bed in the tank. I stood up and watched with joy, thankful to be near them. I absorbed their marvelous energy, which is similar and healing to my own.

While I was lost in this feeling of joyful gratitude, Kasatka swam by, and I heard her one last time. She said, 'You're beautiful!'.


In Peace and Light,

Reiki Doc