Saturday, April 27, 2013

Green Light GO!

This is it guys. Welcome to the Golden Age. Namaste.

This link is from a channel of Archangel Raphael, translated from German into English.

Heaven has been ready to give a signal for the changes to begin. All of the angels, guides, and Ascended Masters (as well as the Agarthans and Galactics) have been waiting for the signal to start.

I am not sure how long it will take, but even still, my BOOKOFLUV is right on schedule, as well as the Surrender To Life's Lessons events in the back yard that were very multidimensional. I think Our Lady's most recent message alluded to it, too. The foot on the ground that wasn't like our clothing.

Enjoy, and know that for every person that is here on Gaia to witness the changes, hundreds more applied for the 'spot' to be here. The entire Universe is watching. And YOU are the amazing ones who are here to get the job done. It is no accident whatsoever you are alive Here and Now.

I couldn't have waited a day longer.  Thank you thank you thank you Source for making this happen.

The Event is going to begin!

In Light,

Reiki Doc