Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 71

February 26, 2010
Carla! This is Dawn Brancheau, Trainer at the Killer Whale Show at SeaWorld Orlando.
I want to thank you for giving me my voice. I really heard it, my voice on Earth, coming out of you.
What God can make is amazing, isn’t it? My love for you is very bright. Mark was right! (she waves her head at him in acknowledgement—he nods back)
What I want to talk to you about today are the very holy messages that have been collected in this notebook and the other before it. They are important for a lot of things, both for you and for others. Your life has changed so much for the better! I am proud of it.
Now is the time to change again—not in moving or relationships or profession. It is in the heart, perception like St. Theresa talked about last night at Channeling class. Perception and the origin of peace. God will protect you. With amazing things at work, all of them Holy. Tim put that up for you at work.
My job it to talk to you about your path. Thine, not someone elses’. There are many ways to make it right. Have joy as you come and do the taxes. Thou has money little merrily-child. God will help you to take care of it.
Everything happens with roses and light. You will have an awful lot of them. God will grant an angel to take care of you. That is Tim. Just like you spoke to your healing angel Raji today, always speak to Tim with reverence, and awe. Respect goes a long way in mutual relationships. It is blessed. Blessed. And light. 
I want to say a thing to you about your boy. Let him. Let him do what he likes. If he wants to play with whales, so be it. He shall not die like me. He shall not pre-decease you like Linda’s Ryan. God has poetry in your mouth. Come write of it. Dance and have a happy breakfast. Relax, read the paper and do your work. Then go and pick up your boy. Try to have a special dinner for him with jello. And be welcoming him.
You are of Heaven.
You are his mommy.
It is Light.
Try to be veggie only once or twice a week. Vegan only one of those days. You will save the world by cutting back far more than if you “make the change” for thou will sustain it.
My youth was spent in love tending to God’s creatures. God has joy for you in your heart. God will grant a comforting and a boyfriend thou hast never suspected possible. It will be great. I love you very much.
Dawn at Sea World.

P.S. The Tim she is speaking about, I believe, is medium Tim Braun. He is the one that pointed me to take psychic development class. During an appointment with him, I 'came out' as a psychic unintentionally. He would say stuff and I would be like, 'I know--my grandfather told me that a long time ago!'. After a while, Tim said, 'You know, the information you are picking up is matching mine. It is from source. You have a talent.' That is how it began. I never go any more, because I don't have time, and I do it myself--talking to Spirit--but it always feels good to be with someone else and have your relatives go through them to talk to you, also. The last I saw him was in 2011 December. Sometimes Spirit is a little obtuse.