Sunday, April 7, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 70

February 25, 2010
This is Dawn Brancheau. I love the whales. I am happy. Tili (Tilikum) was one of the hardest whales to know. That’s why I was attracted to his cause, that’s when I liked him. I am sorry what my death has caused to the public, to my art, and to my family.
I knew I could die from it evey day I worked with Tili. I felt it in my tummy, that powerful feeling you have then things aren’t going right. I knew it and I felt it. I want my family to know, and the public, I chose, I used my free will to overcome that awful feeling just by showing love to that whale and to those of them out there that need it most.
Just like Jesus. And I died for it--my love of whales. My husband might not be happy but I am. I had my children at the park. All of them. All of the whales were loved and warm--of them to me (touches her heart). I understand but doubt others will. It was my life. I lived for it, I died for it, you know what I mean? That is a very powerful statement “to die for it”. I did not intend to die, I did not choose it. It was not my choice. But if that was my price to play with whales every day of my adult life, so be it. It was worth it and I love you so very much for talking to me.
I love you so much. I want to get the message out. It is all right with you if I come to tonight’s class? (Channeling) I would like to set the record straight. Through that way I can, (ed - my first name). By word of mouth through everyone my family can say:
1)            she loved her work
2)            I am happy for this
3)            I died reaching out to Tili.
I died by reaching out to an isolated whale because of his past. I couldn’t put him back, not in the ocean. That whale would die! Not be able to fend for himself. I am his mommy and I understand the cost to him of being not free. That’s why I love  him. That’s why I love him.
I can help the whales more from up here. And all of Sea World. That’s why I talk to you, that’s why I talk to you, that’s why I talk to you, that’s why I talk to them tonight. So they understand no matter how awful and scary that my death was, I did not feel pain and I was happy to sacrifice my life for my cause.
I will talk to you. After ‘our messages’ to the group tonight at Channeling. About your path.
Thank you and I promise I will be careful what to say. I won’t talk too much—not like Mark who rambled (He’s linking arms with her and smiling. “I showed her who my mouthpiece was—I thought she’d like to hear what you had to offer.”)
Waves bye bye both of them,. Mark shouts, “Look pretty! Someone that you like is going to see. Not white but black. God is going to protect you.”
God is Holy,
Mark Taylor and Dawn Brancheau

(Mark Taylor is not my ex--he is a coworker, the first doc to die in the line of duty in Iraq)