Friday, April 19, 2013

PCA, PCEA, Blessings, and Attunements

This is Nakai with is almost 100% healed chin. 

Nakai misjudged a distance to a gate or a channel, and like a kid going to fast on their roller skates, sliced open his chin. You could see it, on the internet, pictures of his gaping hole that was so deep it exposed part of his jaw bone.

His trainers decided to allow the wound to heal by Secondary Intention--granulation of healthy tissue from the bottom up, rather than using stitches, which is considered Primary Intention. Primary Intention can only be used when there is no risk of infection, such as in surgery or stitching a cut in the ER.

Nakai's team used mixtures of honey and antibiotic powder to heal the wound in the water. Isn't that a nice mix of traditional and alternative healing? I also asked for Reiki to be sent to Nakai. One who sent the most was my good friend at Lightworker Community. Although she lives in London, and Nakai lives in San Diego, she was able to 'connect' with him remotely, and in the healing was able to 'sense' his great deal of pain he was in. She sent him lots of yellow healing for his yellow chakra.

When I had surgery, I was given a device called a PCA (Patient-Controlled Analgesia) after surgery. There was a long cord with a little button that was connected to a special i.v. pump. When I felt pain, I pressed the button, and powerful painkiller, just a little amount, was pumped into my i.v.

I set those up for most patients, on the computer. I write the orders. What drug. How much dose per button push. How many minutes between doses. How much total drug can be given in one hour. PCA has been the standard of care in post-op pain for ages.

A PCEA is a similar device, but the E stands for 'Epidural'. That is right, there is a pump with a button that is connected to the Epidural that is being used, most often with mothers who are in labor. When the pain gets out of hand, you press the button, and a little more pain relief is put into the epidural. Most new mothers love it, this feature, to control the pain for themselves. If they bolus a lot, then the anesthesiologist is called upstairs to adjust the settings on the pump to make them more comfortable.

Yesterday was was the first time I experienced the relief of pain in my soul with a 'PCA' of sorts that is called a Blessing. My good friend Sarah at Lightworker Community mentioned I should try the Happiness and Joy one. What a 'Blessing' is, is a special form of energy that is given into your aura, and when you need it, you may place your hands on yourself and activate it. In other words, there is no 'setting' on the pump--the healing is there when you need it, and there is no overdose.

I hadn't even READ how it works, except for what Sarah had told me in a brief note. I never read the attachments, but I will, of course. And already I am feeling the healing.

Knowing your Twin Flame and their not knowing you doesn't feel nice. It is like having to accept too much, or eat too much vegetables that are 'good for you' but you really are not enjoying eating them.  It is so painful I feel like I am going to throw up all of the time. I can't escape it. Sometimes I wish I didn't know this. But I do. And since everything happens for the best, at least I can know they are not starving. They are not a drug addict. And they help a lot of people. What they have built is my spiritual oasis. The vibrations there are perfect for me, and I go there to rest and to recharge my battery so I can go out in the world and do what God has asked me to do. If you are my Twin Flame, you sent me a message about yourself two nights ago, while I was making dinner. I understand and it is o.k. with me. I am okay with it. Don't worry. It is okay.

When I was in medical school, I cried a lot and kept asking Jesus to take me Home. I was not suicidal. I was just spiritual 'fed up' with everything in this stinky, rotten, evil world. Because of this, and my Roman Catholic faith which I practiced a great deal (mass, donations, and rosaries), sometimes in my meditations I was allowed to see, the Big Guy, you know, Jesus' father...

I would go up to an 'office' of sorts where it was all white. He would be in his white billowing robes sitting in a chair. He would always act surprised and call me by my first name. Gently, he would let me climb up into His lap. He was older, and had the kindest eyes. I can still see the little wrinkles around them that would crinkle when he smiled. I would play with his long beard, and sometimes cry into it. I would say everything about what was going on down there, and how I could not take it any more! I would complain and complain about everything I did not enjoy about my assignment. Sometimes I would fall asleep crying on Him. But most typically, he would listen with his heart, and say softly the nice things I needed to hear so I could get back to my assignment. He was big, like a basketball player. Big hands, big face, big broad nose. My size was like a little girl compared to him, and I am five foot two.

Even with those types of meditations, the healing comfort did not 'stick'. But these Blessings? They are AWESOME! And affordable too. Here is the link in case you are interested: 

You will want to look at the left hand column and click on the word 'Blessings'. I highly recommend them. It is helping my pain to go away. It comes back after a while, just like with pain medicine, but when I put my hands on myself and invoke the blessing again, it still works, just like before.

I am also planning to do two attunements with Sarah too. Platinum Ray and Unicorn. : )


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