Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 84

March 27, 2011
I want you to know how much I care about you. It is Mark Taylor, M.D.
Not to share this book. It is for you. “When I die, other people can have it.”
Pay all you bills, all your taxes, get everything sent on your insurance—not to shop. Next year. Catch up on your record keeping. It is VERY GOOD what you are doing in your house, cleaning up. Wear SWEATS all day. Make the spaghetti. Plant the plants in the back. Right where the tomatoes were. The wire. Both of them. I want you to grow the blackberries on the fence so it will look pretty.
I love you you have come a long way. Tell me about your friend.
C: Artist Wyland. –I feel like I’ve always known  him. Like we are the same. He is tall and sexy. And SQUOOSHY (on chemicals, not grounded).
I know his secrets—talks to whales, channels art…
Mark: he thought you were the most beautiful woman in his life.
He was watching you. There are cameras in the gallery. That is why Daemon went to you. When you got on your knees with your boy trying to decide on the paintings to take home, that is when he fell in love. You are natural with lots of life, no pretenses. He heard everything you said.
C: Like saying “I am going to cry” when I got two free?
M: Even “I am going to cry.” He heard everything you said about Anthony. He loved your voice, just as you loved  his (Mark smiles)
Are you in love with him?
C: Yes. With my mermaid’s heart.
M: Here he was painting, and you were looking at the fish (moray eels). That drove him CRAZY. And you clapped. It was what you said about the fish on his other web page, ‘can you smell them?’ and ‘there would be lots more of this if it wasn’t for your efforts’ that got his attention.
He wanted you to be friends. His heart is open to you and called. Try to let everything happen in its own way.  In Spirit. And in Light.
He looked at every picture that you posted. Twice. And he even read the captions (it is hard for him to read).
He looked up Erb-Duchenne palsy on the internet. No one had ever talked to him like that before. Fame is not important. Your being grounded and a mother to (my son's name) is.
Let your spirit be on fire. I am proud for you getting out that junk. All treasures rot except the ones that are in Heaven. Let him come to you. He will watch your page ever day. “It is impressive.” He said to you about your boy knowing the trainers at Sea World. At age TWO.
Keep him in your prayers. And you will have lovemaking together in the flesh.
That one—you pray for Mother Earth and the Whales every day. And you hope ‘you will too’ to others. NAILED IT!

I love you so much. I could have made you happy in this life. I’m so sorry I didn’t. You would not have to work.
Rejoice in your awakening. You did well on your Reiki Master attunements yesterday. You did 60% (5 out of 8 students of your teacher as you 'practiced' your first attunements EVER.). Really 75%. I rounded up.
Mark Lawrence Taylor III, M.D.

P.S. This one is a little embarrassing to share. I had the hugest crush on Wy. I took my boy who is crazy for whales to his Laguna Gallery to meet him. I hadn't expected him to be so charming himself! I am pretty embarrassed because I think now he is more attracted to people with XY chromosomes than XX, and I am too stupid to know it. It was the kinship of Sirius I think that made the spark. Although I would like to be friends--who wouldn't?--the thrill is long gone for me. Thank goodness! Pay careful attention to the amount of coaching Mark gives me. The tone is typical of Spirit, the 'you can do it!' attitude. As well as the forecasts that don't come to pass because of the timelines and distortion between the higher dimensions and earth. Embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing... *blush* I am super sure that Wy doesn't like girls, now I know him, and I don't have that feeling any more in 2014