Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Date With Turtle

Rafaella is my turtle I have had since 1992. I was lonely for pets while I was a freshman in medical school at UC San Diego. One day I ditched class, a late-afternoon lecture that was boring to me, and drove out to Escondido to a reptile store to get her. I bought her and also Michaelangelo, and I named them for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Rafaella used to be Rafael, but then I saw something under the tail one time that I thought meant he was a she, so I switched the name. Last year I discovered that all females lay eggs. Rafaella had never laid an egg. Furthermore those 'parts' in turtles were actually 'male', but I could not bring myself to change the name I have called 'her' for over twenty years.

Turtles need sunlight to maintain calcium balance. Otherwise the shell gets soft and is at risk for fungal disease. Snakes, who eat live prey, have none of this because they get all the calcium they need in their whole food.

So on a bright sunny day, when I am at home, I get the Mexican Blanket. I put the turtle in a plastic bin, and we hang out. Since it was warm, today I gave Rafaella some water in the bin to allow swimming and keep the temperature not too hot. As you recall, reptiles gain all their warmth from the sun to run their metabolism, but with too much sun they do not have a way to cool except for seeking shade and burrowing underground. I did not want 'cooked turtle' so I keep a careful watch the whole time.

Today I lay back and cleared my chakras. The combination of 'grounding' to earth element and also getting sunlight is like a Day Spa Special for my energy system.

If turtle needs sunlight, in some way, so may you. It can be for Vitamin D (on un-sunscreened skin for ten to fifteen minutes on hands, arms, and face). It can be for Vibration and Energy Healing. Remember that walking with bare feet on grass, earth, or sand will lower the blood pressure. This is because all of the negative ions 'ground' in conducting through your contact of feet to earth. If you are working to remain alkaline in your 'internal milieu' you might want to add sunlight and grounding to your daily health routine.

Aloha and Mahalo.

We have reached the all time high in monthly page views today. And there are two more days to go already! This is higher than December 2012 with all the interest in the predictions of the 21 and 'Are We Going To Die?'  As more awaken, I want this blog to be a guide. Use the Search Box in the right hand corner to look up anything you would like to know. Galactics. Chakras. Medicine. What it is Like to be a patient. Even hospital food! There is RAW, and Vegan. And even why some should have meat (it is okay--it is in your DNA, there are some that truly need it, don't feel guilty, it's not your fault. Do be sure, though, to eat 'happy meat', not 'commercially farmed' anything if you do.)

This morning, I had cold cereal for breakfast. It was awful! And the Panettone bread I finally had a slice of? I couldn't enjoy it. My taste has changed to craving vegan raw. I do not want wine with dinner, and in no way do I desire any mixed drinks, for the lowering effect they have on my vibration. I even skip coffee. Yes, that's right, my only joy through all training, my Sicilian birthright to dark espresso. I can take it or leave it. Without the headache! I have gone RAW gradually for three months. And every time I try to 'go back' it reinforces with my Vibration why I go to make the change. As I 'look back', I realize it is something I don't miss at all.

Give yourselves the freedom to explore your new Energy. Heal your hearts. Enjoy your new found Freedom.

Heaven is coming to Earth. One day for all of us, not just myself, you will understand what my Turtle is communicating, with Rafaella's mind to your own. It will be that way with Spirit, and with me. Maybe I will not have need to write? Ah, but I adore it so!

Hold on to your hats and look forward to the coming changes. They are Special and Precious. Just like you are to all of us, your brothers and sisters who work for the Light.

Darkness is on its way out. Forever.


Reiki Doc