Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fear Of Reiki

In this photograph, a cardiologist is using ultrasound technology to non-invasively image the heart. The patient calmly accepts that this is the standard of care, and rests comfortably through the examination.

I had an unexpected reaction to Reiki last night, one of fear, which surprised me. In my hands, Reiki is a new technology--albeit a Spirit-assisted one--that is used for healing of the gentlest and most side-effect free means on the planet.

Reiki is the energy of Love.

Love is the Solution for Everything.

Well, here is the story of when I went to pick my son up at the home of friends.

This family is very kind to us. Very kind. And in their generosity refuse any gifts in return.

For example, when we took them out to dinner, they said it was okay if we bought the appetizer for all to share, but not to buy them their meals. They are Asian. This is a modern form of 'dinner wars' I learned in college. All of my old techniques to 'win' this war were failing miserably in the face of their complete refusal to accept anything resembling the Asian cultural 'dinner war' fight over the bill. One appetizer.

That's it.

After dinner last night, I offered Reiki treatments to anyone who wanted it. Their little girl, who is exactly like me when I was seven, jumped at the chance and lay on the couch.

I told her I was going to work with her aura and she could watch. I took out the pendulum and did a sweep of her chakras. They were very healthy, with only the yellow one being a little less. Mom and brother were watching, as was my son. I cleansed and balanced her chakras (this is a non-Usui technique taught in Western Reiki classes at the Reiki III/Advanced Reiki Techniques) level.

Her mom commented how 'at the Vortex in Oregon someone used that THING on her and said she was very powerful even though she was a baby'.

Never once have I thought of Reiki as ''Power". I was surprised. To me it is natural phenomenon, much like ultrasound, or electricity.

I reassured her that her daughter was very normal and healthy, but had the most healthy chakras I had ever seen. And that I sensed she was going to be a great healer one day.

The little girl enjoyed the rest of her Reiki treatment. My son wanted it next (his chakras were very highly functioning). Then their boy wanted the treatment too.

As children, they were excited and acted as if Reiki was the most natural thing in the world to do.

My son offered it to me. I lay down. He read my chakras. And as he got to the green one, I relaxed completely and let my chakra open up.

My friend, the mother, who was standing over the couch watching the whole time, startled and jumped back a little. 
She said, surprised, 'I feel your energy'.  At that point I had no inkling of fear in her. But I did feel like, 'Man, I can't be myself. I have to pull my chakra back in'--and pulled it back in.

After her shower, the little girl wanted to learn how to use a pendulum. She took like a two-minute shower she was so excited to learn it. She asked for her own pendulum. Her mother okayed it, and suggested she get a crystal one because it is more compatible with her energy.  But as I taught the girl, and her brother, their father was looking from afar with a worried look on his face.

And when the mom tried the pendulum, she felt a big surge of 'electricity down her back and through her arm'.

It frightened her.

Fear was why she said she did not want to experience Reiki treatment.

I have known this family for five years. They love me. They offered their condo in Oahu to stay, for free.

They know me. And yet they perceive Reiki as 'my Power' and not something like static electricity that makes your hair stand on end when you shuffle your socks on the carpet and say, 'wow! isn't this neat?'.

I was extra gentle and reassuring. My friend said she was a nun in a past life. I said, 'I have seen this before in psychic development classes. People who may have been into energy medicine in the past, and are experiencing block in this lifetime, might have had an untimely death and suffering because of their psychic gift in their former life.'

To me this is the only reason to fear Reiki; it is a form of 'Reincarnation PTSD' that is to be treated by Reiki Master/Teachers in this life.

How do you treat it?

  • Total, immediate acceptance of where the person is in their Spiritual Development
  • Verbalizing this acceptance to them
  • Feeling and sharing Unconditional Love from your heart center without mentioning you are
  • Encouragement that this is 'normal' and 'I have seen this before'
  • Reassurance that the relationship is 'unchanged' and you have full respect for their beliefs
  • Gentle suggestion that 'you have forever to work on these lessons and may go at your own pace.'

It makes me sad to know that people very close to Reiki Practitioners might not understand. And it might distance them apart, emotionally. 

All over 'electricity' or 'ultrasound' energy that is used for healing gently and non-invasively working with the patient's own aura and 'chi' just like in acupuncture.

Well. the way I see it, acupuncture has hit mainstream acceptance in our culture. 

One day, Reiki will too. Until this time, keep your heart center open. But not so far enough that you scare somebody!

Be Reiki. Be Love. In everything you do.

Aloha and Mahalo

Reiki Doc