Sunday, April 14, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 78

July 1, 2010
Hi Carla!
This is Karen Bopp. I wanted to say that I am happy. I had a good time when I was alive. Those years with Marty T were the best. And also with that other guy, the one I thought was going to marry me. Something really happy to cover up for all my heartache from the breast surgery. That was not to be.
I wanted to talk to you because I see you up here. This time of day is easier, there is less distraction on both sides. How come you didn’t tell me about your ability? I would have understood. I would have been a good friend on that. I know I was a downer at times but I would have been okay. Not to hide your gifts. God wants you to let it show. Let them know you have a heart that is fully open. That goes for everybody not just your patients.
I will come back. I can tell how really tired you are. I was tired too. For a long time from the cancer. Now I am not.
Yes, I will watch over you. I heard you asking and asking on the way to see me. I heard it and  I accept to be your “angel of providence”.
I want you to rest you have a busy day…
God Bless You,
Karen Bopp, R.N.
(ed—I saw on Facebook Karen wasn’t doing too good. After work, I went to the hospital to see her. I saw Marty T walking out just as I went into the hospital door. They couldn’t let me see her. They had to look it up. She had just died and been taken from her room.)