Thursday, April 11, 2013

Go With The Flow Into The Higher Dimensions

Yesterday was like yoga class--it was as it a series of 'forms' was being presented to me in my day. Some of the 'forms' were easier to go through than others. And I discovered something new both mentally and spiritually: the more I 'let go' the further Spirit could 'push' me to 'make connections' with 'gentle hints' about how to go through my 'day'.

Morning was fascinating. I made sausage patties for my son. It is his favorite. I have changed from making the whole pound and sharing it, to making half and taking a little to be 'polite', to making half a package and not having any at all myself. This has been about two months. Instead I have my green drink and smoothie, and depending on his mood, he either drinks some of the smoothie I offer him, or not.

As I was cooking the sausage, I found myself thinking, I wish he didn't eat all of this.  There were four small patties. I ended up serving him two.

He didn't like it! 'These are too thin!' but he only ate those and didn't ask for more. This boy can eat a pound of sausage if I let him--he loves it that much.

It is happening. His tastes are changing. Just like with me. As the Vibration goes 'UP', the favorite foods of the past start to lose their 'appeal'. It is very gentle. It is almost imperceptible. But it is there. For the lunch, Turkey meat is 'out', by his choice, and 'bean and cheese burrito' is 'in'.

Next, I went to work with a friend of mine in the Urology room for the day. I smiled at how on the scheduling program they color coded the Urology Service as yellow.

What was even more odd was that the first two patients have had surgery with me doing anesthesia for them before. These were frequent-flyer patients, not just for the surgery but for the Reiki too.

As I gave Reiki during the cases, I had a wonderful sense of Archangel Michael. He was extra polite, extra kind, and extra helpful. He was like, 'you do this part here and I will do this part there and you don't have to close the aura--I will take care of it.' I appreciated it very much, his being such a Team Player. Very capable, confident, and sure in both of our skills. I enjoyed it.

As mom worsened, and I took texts and calls which I normally do not do during a case, my friend understood. She also was a sounding board on the medical decisions that we were making for mom. When mom's blood  pressure began to drop, a colleague just happened to finish early, so I could be excused from the O.R. and go to the E.R. and I.C.U. to be with her.

The radio as I first got into the car at that point was kind of freaking me out. The first song was 'Yellow' by Coldplay. The next was 'Sweater Weather'. I was wearing a yellow sweater--what are the odds of that???

The other number sequence I started to see, a LOT, on the road--on license plates, trucks, and other freeway things, was 444. This is the number of the angels.

As I was annoyed I missed the exit to go to the natural food store to pick up some late lunch/early dinner, I sensed Spirit saying, 'chill'.  Then an idea popped into my head--go to mom and dad's health food store on the way--it is on the same street as the hospital, just miles down the road.

It had changed management about a year ago. I was a little apprehensive as I walked in. It lasted about thirty seconds. Right near the front was a giant RAW section! I thought, cool! I bought a few things. But the magic was when I came across the RAW spices where you can buy in bulk. You see, as I read Cherie Soria in Raw Food For Dummies, I am learning that high-end RAW is slight of hand. The textures and flavors are designed to mimic the 'real thing', for example, a 'taco' would have a lettuce leaf 'shell', mushroom 'meat' and nut 'cheese' or 'sauce' to go with the traditional toppings. It looks 'different' but the taste is 'close'. I stuck my nose into many a bottle of spices, quickly and delightedly learning as I went through the ones that were a mystery to me. Marshmallow smells very bitter and green. Oat straw smells like a barn. Dulse smells, well, hard to describe. And there was one that started with an m that smells like thyme that I liked the best. Spirulina is crazy expensive! For a few minutes I forgot about mom and the ICU and work and just played. 

When I was ready, I paid and ate in the back end of the car. It is a station wagon. I was going to bring the food to eat and the hospital and I thought, all this raw stuff I just bought--which isn't cheap--is going to pass the upper temperature limit easily here in the car in the sun! So I relaxed and ate there, having my own Raw Tailgate Party and making Vitamin D in the sunshine at the same time. I had Raw Falafels, which were heavy but close in flavor was close enough to the real thing: Back To Life brand Raw Vegan Cuisine The tahini was the best part! Then for dessert--this really was good!--Rawkin Raw Cool Chlorella-Mint Choc truffles! Apparently Alicia Silverstone and I have something in common--we both love the truffles!

At the hospital, I got there just in time to meet the intensivist who is also boarded in Infectious Disease. Mom was looking better. And her nurse was the same from last time--she was good.  My sister was there, and to make conversation, I asked her, mom, and the nurse what they thought about 'cleanses' and 'fasts'. The consensus was that it's something people do to 'lose weight', for example, before a big vacation, there is a 'juice cleanse' to allow more freedom of food choices while ON vacation, and then perhaps after a lot of drinking, another 'cleanse' to 'let go of the toxins from the system' after. (When I 'figure out' the whole 'cleanse' thing, I will write you a blog post about it. For now, it is still 'on the drawing board'.)

So it's like the Catholic church in the Renaissance, where you can sin as much as you like, but then through large donations find 'absolution' to cover for it?  They nodded and said, 'Yes!'. The ICU nurse was very knowledgeable, as was my sister, who has been pescatarian for many years.

After they left, and I sat with mom, soaking in her 'mom-ness' and enjoying that energy, the i.v. pump caught my attention the way Spirit sometimes lets me know to pay attention. The number on the display was 444. As I watched, it flipped to 444.4! And I knew I was not alone and being guided.

When I was ready to go, I said goodbye, and arrived in the garage just moments before my son and his dad pulled up. What perfect timing! they said, with surprise at the coincidence.

Coincidence? Or shifting from one 'yoga pose' to 'another' in Here and Now with Divine Timing?

I'll let you be the judge of that.

I thank you for all of the prayers, love and Light --and Reiki--being sent to us as mom recovers,

Reiki Doc