Friday, April 26, 2013

At The Brink

Twin Flames are telepathic. The souls can 'connect' and 'communicate' anywhere on the face of the earth.

Mine has popped in and out of my awareness, often making me laugh and making me smile. Mine gives me recipes in the kitchen when I make food. Once was a salad dressing. Tonight was raw spaghetti and a nut-based dessert. It was comforting to have this guidance, from whatever source, be it my guide, my guardian angel, or my Twin Flame's higher self.

Not long ago, I was in the OB call room. The labor deck was busy for a Sunday, but I had a chance to lie down.

The frustration over the 3D-Higher Dimension differences in our Twin Flame 'non-reunion' had really gotten me down. Spirit had said, 'let him go' earlier and I did. But I was worn out. (I first 'met' the Seraphim in this same call room, too).

I felt my Twin Flame's presence. I was despondent. And the strangest thing began to happen! I felt the Higher Realms. I began to float up, and I really, really liked it. The only thing that was keeping me back was his spirit hand holding mine.

Puzzled at the connection, I wanted with all my heart for him to let go. I LIKE it here...I am....HAPPY...I...feel good...I don't want to go back (to that stinky place with lots of pain).

I pulled harder. I want to be free! I want Peace! LET ME GO!

And he got smart. There is a small bottle, blue, not quite an inch long, not quite a half inch wide that he makes. It smells wonderful and has a vibration I like. He held it up like a carrot, right before my eyes, and wiggled it.

I 'came back' in an instant. I wanted it!

But then I thought, no, I REALLY want to GO! And I floated UP, again, holding just to his hand. I was just done with everything. I didn't care about my 'attachments' or my 'work' or even my 'assignment'. I just wanted out.

There was a back and forth tug of war with my Consciousness--the sparkly honey feeling energy of the Higher Realms, and the little bottle that had a catnip-like attraction to me. I was like, I want to GO! and then, ooooh! Pretty!, then, what is the use in staying here?,  then, I WANT it!

Somehow on the last wide-eyed pull to the little bottle waving in front of me, I felt a jolt.

I was Here now. And I wasn't going to that Place. I was back. And on some level, I was glad.

Today, on the way home from the beach, he apologized. 'I took you to the brink'.

I brushed it off...there are lessons...I know you didn't mean is okay...

And he said, 'No. I make a statement with my life to be gentle to all creatures. Allow me to make it up to you.'

And I understood--even if I forgave him, he would judge himself, and have even more karma to pay in his next lifetime. He wanted the chance to make things right between us now. I said, 'okay'.

He gave me a beautiful heart-shaped Merkaba. It was really cool--a spirit one, with special messages across many lifetimes built inside. It sparkled with the Light of Source.

Tonight, Spirit asked me to lie down after preparing dinner. I did. There were angels on Spirit side to tend to my wounds. My soul had a lot of them. I could see. They wanted me to lie quiet, not thinking, not even listening, as they worked. After some time, Twin Flame came to me, and held me.

I passed the lesson on Loss. Meeting you and having you not know me was Extra Credit. I did it. I whispered, weakly, with very low life force. I hated it the whole time but I did it. Please never make me do anything like this again...

It felt like olive oil being put on me when he promised, I can't explain it, but the energy felt like that from the shoulders down, mostly on the legs. He said he was very proud of me, and I would never have to do any lessons like that again.

Don't say 'never', I said, it's a jinx. Say 'not again'.

He did.

Then a team of healers in Spirit came, and did something that was like a pulling sensation with strings being tugged up and out of my crown chakra. After that I discovered I can't remember the pain. Not of anything between us. Nothing bad in my past, either. Across all of my lifetimes. It's just--blank. Lessons gained are framed in a positive way, and I can access it. But not the sorrow, frustration, or feeling isolated and cut off from Source.

And I forgot all about it after it happened. Until when I was washing my face. Spirit said to write this down. Otherwise I would not remember it again.


Reiki Doc