Saturday, April 6, 2013


Can you see the little happy face on this person's scrubs?

This was the code word for a post on 2012Portal today. When I saw the labels, my heart raced: compression breakthrough.

We made it!

The veil is gone! Forces working from below the earth surface, and above, have been narrowing the veil. Like the transcontinental railroad's meeting with the golden spike, the two teams have connected. This is the 'Togetherness' the title refers to. A big deal. A super event! Galactic History! Namaste...

What does this mean? Well, for one, tachyons, which are like photons and contain information and energy of high frequency from 'Source', can reach all of us again. We are not in 'solitary confinement' from the rest of the universe any more.

Then look! I got THIS link:

The braid around the earth linking money, sexuality and time--has BROKEN!

And finally, there is this YouTube from 777Alaje, which came out earlier today on Advanced Lightworking:

It is definitely recommended viewing. (here is the direct link:

If you follow my blog, look around late October, early November 2012. You will have secondary confirmation for the Lightwork I did at the same Heiau the Alaje team did in April. We work together, all of us, and if they had not paved the way my Lightwork would not have been possible.

Everything happens for the BEST. And Love Is The Solution For Everything.

You are Lightworkers, too. You would not be able to stand being within ten feet of this blog if you were not.

I find in my own life, doing the 'cycles' of charge with Light, and then do Lightwork and then charge again. In the past few weeks I have done yoga, Kirtan, and whale watching to support me in my family with visits to the nursing home, and funerals, and the rest. It works for me, and I am blessed with joy and love in my aura. I sincerely hope you can feel it through the internet from me to you. <3

Namaste, and ALOHA!

Reiki Doc

Here is the link from Cobra in Togetherness--