Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Message From Our Lady: April 3, 2013

My Children,

Sweet beloved children of mine! I hold you in my arms and comfort you one last time. One last?! You may ask with alarm? My children, I Love you and I admonish you--Do Not Fret! This is no cause for concern about anything!

This is a Truth from the Ascended Masters, of whom I am One: Everything happens for the best! Everything happens for the best! Everything happens for the best!

God has limitless Abundance, Joy and Happiness for YOU!

It is right around the bend--right around the corner--it is not far away in time and not far away in distance!

My little Ones, my sweet, sweet Beloved Children of God, HAPPINESS IS WAITING! 

Walk to it. Walk to it. Walk to it, where Happiness is awaiting you with open arms and lots and lots of comforting, (points to her chest), even greater than the comforting from me.

It is a time of joy and sweet abandonment to the calling of the Light. Everyone can hear it! Not only the good, but the 'not-so-very-good' (the Cabal) are hearing it also.

I want you to watch for this. (Points to her eyes) Watch with your eyes to find the finagling that they create in their distress. (Points to her ears) Listen for the Truth--your heart will tell you what it is and what is not with ease. Always take the time to cross-check that which appears to you on the news and media: is this false? is this verity? what it the Truth? what does my Heart Center say about this? does this feel 'right' or 'kind of does not sit well with me?' 

Everything happens for the best!

I want your lovely Heart Centers to be grounded and at Peace when all the new happiness is about to begin. There will be changes on some level, and they will be far-reaching in pleasantries. God will prevail. 

Namaste, Namaste, Namaste,

Our Lady
Blessed Mother

P.S. Have the JOY with you today!