Friday, April 12, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 76

June 17, 2010
This is Cindy. I saw you at  Philomena’s house. You are BEAUTIFUL. I was outside the gate. The Pearly one. You and your associates let me in. I thanked you.
I died quite suddenly, from my waist I felt it drop. I wasn’t expecting it. I am diabetic and I dropped because of my heart. It was atherosclerotic. I was young but my heart was old.
Why do you want to have children? I asked you in the car today while you were driving home. You had a good reason: you wanted to have fun again, raise a child, and pass all of your gifts to your boy and to another.
A little boy. I saw, you wanted this. And you started your flow. Tonight (pinches my cheek). And you are craving CHOCOLATE.
What I think is you can ask. You can seek. God will give. Everything to be manifest. Your body is a path of Christ! Let someone inhabit it for nine months.
God will love you.
You will have a baby that is adorable and precious. From your heart. Not a metaphysical baby. A baby baby. Not a baby crone.
I wanted you to know I was upset by your suffering. In the heart. “I don’t have to be lonely”. I want you to say this to yourself. Often!! Go and watch your Lakers and have fun with it. After, water your garden. (ed - every other weekend is hard on me. this is one where my son was 'away'.)
Cindy from the sky
I feel him
I felt him at circle.
He sent the message: Nancy Drew. Driving in the rain at night. Pirate Chest-lock. Open it. Spirituality—share your treasure. Drink it in.
He said he’d rather be with me than the Lakers. “The Lakers could do all right on their own.” And “You used to knock the stuffing out of me.” (ed - he would have me practice punching his stomach when he would flex his abs. It wouldn't hurt him. He was teaching me how to defend myself as a kid.)
I feel him now. Just barely. I WISH HE HAD PRAYED MORE WHEN HE WAS ALIVE SO I COULD HEAR HIM. All I can do is feel. A little. But I know he is close.
And I love him for that.

C:   God? Please help my father. I will pray for him. Help him to accomplish what is most important to him. (I did Reiki on him)
You are my daughter I will take care of you.” Dad

Time to water the garden!  : )