Thursday, April 4, 2013

Two Ships That Passed In the Night--Reunite!

We hadn't seen each other in twenty years. Although the 'bug' hit hard and fast for me, our lives were so different...we drifted apart. But yesterday, it was as if time never had passed between us.

I went on a boat for the first time in Mission Bay.

I love sailing. I took classes in Medical School. I adore being the 'captain of my own ship', riding the wind, and learning out far to keep the vessel afloat! The experience is BLISS in every way--sheer DELIGHT!

I would rather dance than eat. I would rather sail than dance. I adore sailing, all of it. And yesterday, I rented a fifteen foot boat and sailed from one end of the other on Mission Bay in San Diego, grinning the whole time!

This is not to say it was a happy event for my boy, who was in the boat with me.

Everything was fine until the power of the wind started to kick up, the boat raised up on it's edge, and we started to fly across the water, sailing at top speed, just the way I like it.

The poor kid freaked out. He was uncomfortable with this show of the forces of nature. All he could think about was being dumped out of the boat into the freezing cold water and being eaten by sharks.

I toned it down. I got us back to dock. I led it into the slip perfectly, and tied it up myself. Instead of an hour, we were out only forty-five minutes.

I admonished myself for being 'a bad mom' for subjecting him to this. I had thought like the alpine slides, he was going to adore speed and the wind as much as I do. I muttered out loud how he was going to need several years of therapy to get over this. Kindly, he said it was okay, not to worry, and that perhaps one day he might sail again. I had not scarred him...

The next time I am able, though, when he is with Dad and the day is glorious--I am making a reservation and coming back!

One of the best parts about Ascension, is being able to do the things you enjoy and have not have had the time to do.

It is going to happen. Just like today for me with my boat and sailing. It is going to happen to all of us!

I can't wait!


Reiki Doc

p.s. Cardiac Anesthesia is a lot like sailing--you go with the blood pressure the whole case.