Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ascension Changes Tonight: Steak-less Outback?

Something is happening to me, that is 'different'. I can't put my finger on it, but I like it. It's the kind of thing that makes you go, hmmmmmm? and wonder if you are imagining it or not. That is how Angels work. With gentle hints and nudges.

Let me explain:

Today I read this article, and although it sounded 'spiritual', I sensed 'fear' and 'lack of respect for other's free will', and opted not to post it on my page: http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com/2013/04/andy-bojarski-what-you-should-and.html

I lumped it into the category where someone posted on Facebook that 'Dairy is not harm-free' with shocking photos of dead cows lined up on the ground. The main theme of the Bojarski piece is 'Your Etheric Body IS what you eat'. Yes and no, if you ask me. I say, you are SOOOOO much MORE than this!

If there is no Love Vibration, even if the information is technically 'correct' or 'near correct', it is DISINFORMATION.

'It all starts with Love on the plate', a friend and owner of a vegan/raw restaurant I know confided in me.

That one resonated BIG TIME.

In Spirit, when I was considering making changes in my eating habits a few months back, I 'got' the message that no matter what I decided, it was okay to eat what I choose is 'right' for me.

True change can only take place when one is given the freedom to follow their inner guidance and find THEIR own unique Truth.

This is why I am writing today. A mysterious set of 'coincidences' happened, each reinforcing the next.

Claircognizance is the term for telepathic knowledge gained from Source/Spirit realm. You 'just know'. Well, it is like--as I read my books from authors I have heard lecture at the restaurant--MORE knowledge is 'coming in' than what I just have read on the pages. I have a command in the kitchen I did not have previously when it came to this type of lifestyle--raw vegan. I have a confidence in speaking with others about their questions on what to do to 'be healthy'. Somehow, I just KNOW.

Even with my son tonight, he got an award at martial art and wanted to go to the local steakhouse to celebrate. We know the owner. He's a nice guy. He also takes an interest in my son. He lets him pour his own soda. He takes him back in the kitchen several times during the meal. He gives us free seared ahi appetizer. He lets the kid (and his friends if they are with us) make ice cream sundaes any way they like in the kitchen too. Any dad/team sponsor/businessman who hires college kids (and maybe one day my kid) that takes an interest in him gets 'Role Model' thing going in my mind,  which to a single mother is like the most wonderful thing on Earth. What is lacking in the Bio Dad Experience every other weekend I reinforce with Role Models every chance I get--swim teachers, Uncles, anyone who is a good person who works hard and is nice--is who I expose him to to deliberately to make up for it. It's not that his Bio Dad is AWFUL, it's just, um, 'limited' and kind of 'self-centered' exposure instead of 'kid centered', you know? I want so much more than that for our the little guy--he's a really good kid and deserves so much more than an air mattress and having nightmares from the horror movie dad was watching and didn't turn off in front of the kid and made him watch too.

I did a quick risk-to-benefit estimation in my mind. Okay, we go. And next I heard these words coming out of my mouth, much to my surprise: you can have only one unhealthy thing with the meal--soda, steak, fries, or dessert. You pick.

It was exhilarating to hear those words coming out of my mouth--pure Freedom!

As we drove in, I noticed there were more than expected Handicapped parking spaces. Odd. I wonder if there is a connection?

On the menu, as I scanned it, I felt a gentle Presence. Have the fish. I wanted the crab legs. They were 'market price'--thirty five dollars! I knew they wouldn't be cooked right any how, so I ordered the fish. It was awful. The rice, I didn't touch. Only the steamed vegetables tasted any good. Even the sauce didn't make the fish any better.

I looked around the dining room, watching all the families celebrating birthdays, and sensed their general health and auras, and thought, does anybody out there KNOW that they are eating a LIE? Or SERVING it?

Fortunately, the assistant manager is expecting, and instead of eating, we talked excitedly about her 'condition' and how her L&D nurse is going to be her best ally in the birthing process.

Then as my son finished his steak, I saw this article in the newspaper I brought to scan while he watched the games: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-04-07/red-meat-s-fat-and-cholesterol-aren-t-its-only-heart-dangers.html. Apparently RED MEAT is linked with higher levels of Carnitine in the gut, which skews the 'good bacteria' balance in the colon to create Carnitine breakdown metabolites that are 'unhealthy' and 'causes heart disease'. This is why vegans and vegetarians, who have less intake of Carnitine, are found to have lower risk of heart disease.

I was like, whoa....this is getting trippy! My BODY doesn't want meat, I don't feel PEER PRESSURE to buy it at Outback STEAKHOUSE, I am SETTING LIMITS on health for myself and my son, and I FEEL BETTER!

I don't have that icky sleepy feeling after having mostly vegetables and a few bites of nasty fish. There is a good way to turn vegan for you! horribly cooked meat and fish! ; )

Anyhow, it seems timely.

So here is what I think:

  • You have Unconditional Love and Acceptance from me to eat whatever you want. There is NO GUILT TRIP about anything.
  • Tap in to your Intuition and questions EVERYTHING you put into your mouth. Read labels. On the back. Not the cool part on the front to make you want to buy it.
  • Test your body's sensations AFTER you have certain things.
  • Take is SLOW--and easy--perhaps getting rid of the worst offender to you first? For us it was throwing out all of the High Fructose Corn Syrup products in the Kitchen. We did that years ago. It was very invigorating and cathartic.
  • Get around people who seem HEALTHY and find out their 'secret'
  • Don't feel like you have to STARVE YOURSELF or EAT ANYTHING YUCKY.
  • Do what you please. Remember the Unconditional Love? All I say is to give some of that nice, warm, Unconditional Love to YOURSELF while you are enjoying the Unconditional Love sent out by me.
And let me know how it goes! I look forward to hearing from you...



Reiki Doc