Friday, April 5, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 68

January 30, 2010
Male:  I have something to say to you. I am someone you know from another life. I am holy.
What I have to say is pleasant. There is not much joy in loneliness. Have I upset you? Let me rephrase this:  on being alone, there is a limit to the development one can attain. There is much to learn and grow, but it takes playful interaction to develop all of one’s inner fire. Seduction is a part of this, as also laughter, playing sport. Everything happens for the best. I want you to know I understand this.
I want you to experience the kind of growth we had in another life. I am not an ex-husband of yours. I am a face you knew in childhood that will always remain a part of your development. You were nine when you met me. At a wedding reception that was Italian. I am a cousin on your mother's extended family that you had never met. I sat at your table. 
That we clicked was something new to you and strange to me because of your age. I had known you in another life. I want you to know my fiancée never made me as content as I could have been with you. I married her—the bitch went off and ran away from me with her boyfriend.
I gave her everything I had. All that was left was my agony and sorrow, not at losing you (I couldn’t) but for what ‘could have been’ for all of us. I have been watching you for a while and I chose to talk to help you along with your development. I loved you. I couldn’t understand it. I want you to know everything you felt for me I also felt it back. You were beautiful then and are far more pretty now, for all of your pain and growth.
I am happy to share with you we are working on it, your future with another holiness…Light. It is of God/Jesus and you can trust on it like money at the bank, the savings and loan, insured.
Goodbye my little miracle. I have seen you for a while. I just wanted to pop in. I’ll always remember you.
The singer that smoked and probably should have quit
(Kisses my right cheek, kisses my head.)
Michael Lupo


  1. How sweet.. haven't had these kind of experiences myself .... I do enjoy reading your blog. Thank You for sharing <3

    1. Thank you for your enthusiastic touches my heart and I have been thankful to read the words ever since you wrote them. Only now do I have a chance, the absolute luxury, of sharing back my gratitude to you. Namaste.