Friday, April 26, 2013

Mind Bend Burritos

Last night was a big night for my son. His sports activity had a special night, and we needed to be there by six-thirty.

I asked him what he wanted for dinner, and he happily asked for our local fish taco place. He is all about the bean and cheese burrito. We walked in at six at one franchise near the sporting event, not our usual place.

As soon as we stood in line, I felt it: something was not right.

I experienced multi-sensory processing--there were too many people waiting for food, there was stress in the kitchen, the worker in the other line was doing absolutely nothing at the register, and ours had a terrible 'vibe'. Both women had unusual hair color and cuts. No one was pierced, no one was tattooed, but energetically it was as obvious something was 'amiss'; it was as clear as the difference between un-inked and inked humans. Not to say there is anything wrong with ink, it is just the most obvious visual example I could think of right now to explain how this 'information' was able to be 'picked up'. Hungry, we started to order our dinner.

I said a quick prayer about what to buy for me as I scanned the menu? Usually I eat the fish taco with the corn tortilla, but today I felt different. I wanted to stay Raw, it was like, my body wanted it. (I can't think of an example, but it was a new sensation to crave something not cooked).  But living a raw vegan lifestyle at local fast-food places makes for some tough choices. The answer came to me--order this salad, it is more raw than the veggie grilled items.

So we sat.

And we sat.

And soon we started to worry. At six fifteen we asked if our order could be take-out.  I said, 'I don't have to eat--my salad was holding up the order--we have to leave. Now.

Five more minutes as they threw the salad together. We showed up at the event at the last minute. My son had been changing clothes in the car as I drove slowly using back roads.

The funny thing was my perception was vastly different from that of my boy. He got all worked up about it, and wanted to go on Yelp and warn others to avoid this horrible franchise. It was all about THEM doing US wrong. There was never any idea that he was co-creating this 'lesson' for 'whatever needed to be learned'.

And I looked at him, puzzled.

To me, this was 'wrong place wrong time' and 'don't come back' and 'forget about it'. On some level I was sad for the horrible energy that the workers placed in the food. This should not happen. But I wanted to let it go.

They gave a soda cup instead of milk to my son, he held it, and then they took it back (big red flag--not clean! Germs to next customer!). His burrito was crunchy, had a big glob of cheese in the corner, and not enough beans. There were pinto beans instead of black beans on the side. And the substituted guacamole instead of churro was the wrong size: too small. (I would have paid for one size up.) My dinner, which was eaten on my lap instead of a table, was tasteless, had low energy, and even though I blessed it, did not have much love vibration in the food.

So here we are, with two different perspectives on a screw-up at the local taco place, mine, and my boy's.

After the event, he wanted ice cream.

This was even more strange. I had no desire whatsoever for ice cream. Not even a taste. My body was letting me know what it needed--avoid ice cream. At the local ice cream shop, my boy was in his sports uniform. All of the kids--and it was busy--were in uniform. Soccer. Baseball. Dance. You name it. About ten kids and parents, and some parents even wore 'coach' style shirts.

What kind of society is this where athletic ability is rewarded with a man-made substitute for mother's milk?

I have thought this one for years--ice cream is the socially acceptable form to get the primitive longing for mother's milk satisfied past infancy. The fat content is about the same. It is sweet. There is the frozen part that is different, but I would say everyone gives off an 'I am being nurtured' vibe while eating ice cream. I should know! I had many a dinner with Ben and Jerry straight out of the carton while my marriage was tanking during fellowship! I love ice cream. But today, my body said, 'No'.

So how was my Vibration able to 'step out of the Illusion'? And my body able to stand up for what it needs?

Was it the Eclipse and Full moon?

I don't think so.

I played hooky!

I had the day off work any how. I had relief for a meeting that was rescheduled, and once you promise work to somebody, you have to deliver. Otherwise they will never provide vacation coverage for you.

The meeting with my two sisters and niece to discuss our mother's care plans after she leaves the hospital went well. We will arrange 24/7 nursing care in mother's house.

But after that, a little voice told me to take PCH home, not the freeway.

And as I got closer to my favorite beach, I recalled the State Parks Annual Pass in the car.

So I went 'off the radar'. I left my phone in the trunk, took a blanket and towel, put my jacket on (it was crisp), took a bottle of water, and headed for the sand. It was so healing to lie in the sand and soak up the sun. I connected to Source. And when I was finished, I went to the water. I had on a skirt but I waded in and enjoyed the water. I found a perfect, heart-shaped rock! And shells that looked like spirals much like tiny CKR's.

I thanked God for these few moments of BLISS in Nature at the shore I love.

When Spirit said, 'It was time', I went to the shower and washed the sand off my feet. I drove home the rest of the way, enjoying the scenery along the coast. How beautiful it is! And of course I decided where I want to live--as if I had unlimited resources--just because I could. I want to live on Crescent Bay Beach. Close enough to see it and hear it and walk to it.

So that 'hooky' is how my body got the energy it required to be fully 'aware' and 'conscious' at the taco stand and the ice cream place. My vibration was high enough to 'see through all the smoke and mirrors' and request 'what is healthy for it'.

You can do this too.

Live in the Now. Wherever you go. And find Nature to help you lift your Vibration higher.

And one last request: I would like raw vegan options in a fast food setting. Healthy ones for moms who have to work and can't plan elaborate days-in-advance meals at home. Not the pre-packaged stuff.

If Mc D's can streamline the process, so can raw vegan. It would be like, In and Out, small menu, never change, and the real deal. A little wait, but not forever, while they make it fresh for you. I could see flat bread with hummus wraps, two healthy salad choices, and many blended items since they are frozen ingredients any way. There could be one 'meal' of the day, chef's choice--it has to be seasonal, possibly rotating like at Souplantation 'themes' too. All the workers would be Reiki-trained, and Love and Source would be honored because everyone is on the same page to begin with. It can be done, I can see it. I believe it in my heart and know with enough effort, trial and error, it can work.

And in my perfect world, I would have raw vegan gumbo and raw vegan Indian sweets for dessert. <3


Reiki Doc