Thursday, April 4, 2013

Humility and Obedience

There is something I need to discuss: my spiritual path God has set for me. It may sound old-school to say it, but my path has been one of Obedience, with the special requirement to be humble in everything I do.

What comes to mind when one thinks of obedience?

How about the dog that is trained in 'Obedience School'? What kind of 'Obedience' is that? Isn't it for the dog's own safety? Isn't it important for a dog to learn some basic commands, like 'sit' and 'stay'? Doesn't it allow for the owner and dog to 'get a common language' that 'everyone can understand'?

Take for example, the dog that knows no Obedience...isn't that the kind that Cesar the Dog Whisperer needs to take care of on T.V.?

How about another kind of Obedience--the blind obedience to doctrine and faith? You are probably thinking I am one who takes all of my decision-making ability and puts it in the hands of my 'flavor of the week in the realm of Dogma', right?  That kind of Obedience makes one go all 'postal' on a religious rant, doesn't it? Well, would someone as intelligent as I am, with all of my education, ever fall for something like that? A Berkeley-trained undergraduate? That's right--I don't think so!

What about in Partnership--in business? What kind of person makes a good candidate for 'Junior Partner'? One who is willing to pay their dues and learn the ropes, isn't it? Someone who is 'in for the long haul' and willing to do 'whatever it takes' to get the job done? A good team player? Someone with the long-term goal of making 'partner' at the front of their mind each and every day?

Yes. Yes! There you have it!

If you want to play with the Big Boys, with the Big Leagues, with the Big Spiritual Hitters--Obedience is the way 'in' to their playing field.

You roll up your sleeves and do the work.

What kind of work?

That's easy! Getting to know 'that little voice of you' inside, and trusting it. Taking chances on it every now and then. And pray and pray and pray to 'get it right'. And journaling. Lots and lots of journaling! I'd get the 'feeling' that 'I was going to need to write a message' and I would. Not 'when it was convenient for me' or 'when I was in the mood'. No. Right then and there, if I was able.

It means giving myself permission to spend money on whatever tool or classes Spirit sent for my development.

It means being kind to myself and accepting Life's twists of fate in my personal life. Love has not been kind to me. Not in any way, shape or form. I used to think that God was jealous and only wanted me to Himself!

Now I understand that I have mastered the lesson of 'Loss'. And failing in the romance department is a big part of learning that spiritual lesson.

Obedience isn't about THEM. It is about YOU and your willingness to be a partner in Spirit. It shows that you are eager to learn and anxious to please, and furthermore that you delight in developing your spiritual practice! Obedience is key to opening the door to the Higher Realms. You accept whatever happens as 'part of the training' and you learn, slowly, and not in any straightforward pathway, almost like residency in medical training. Case by case it all adds up to something special that you know, and you can serve almost everyone by having spent the time on 'the front lines of it'.

Obedience is very much like Forgiveness--It makes it better for YOU in every way.

In Reiki training, like most Buddhist practice, we learn self-discipline and Spirit opens up for us as we practice every day.

Who needs a Soul-Whisperer to end up on some episode on T.V. for the Higher Realms because that Obedience thing just ain't happening?

Not me.

I was asked to write this for you today. Starting in the afternoon while I was at SeaWorld. Humility and Obedience. Over and over, Spirit nudged me on it. So now, before I close my eyes, here it is.

I am humbly at your service. And of service to my angels, guides, and deceased loved ones. To the Ascended Masters, and the Light. It gives me great joy to serve in this capacity. My heart sings! And my smile is big and bright!

Namaste, and Blessed Be,

Reiki Doc