Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 87

April 21, 2012
Mediumship with Steve Jobs:

S: How are you? Would you like to write? I am in Heaven. I am not far from you. I stand about six feet away. I am smiling.
I am in my younger state, about thirty. That is what I like: full of fire in my belly. (He sits at the foot of my bed)
I want to take the time to talk to you. Another dimension is away. It is nice. I kind of like it. I prefer it, from what I can see up here. (I want you not to blog this but save this for your book. It is a very good book.)
C: Do you want something? (I sense he is a businessman)
S: (Laughs, surprised, leans back and opens his hands) I got a lot farther with you than I would have thought with all of your intuitive abilities. (clears his throat)
I want to talk to you of Love. I knew it when I built it -- my apple computer, my Lisa, iPads, iPods, iPhones and everything in between – that I was on a special mission to carry everything UP (gestures with left hand, palm down, lifting hand up): a Higher Level of Consciousness.
I did not pay the price I did (imbalances – pancreas) without wanting to deliver IT intact, my message to the people.
I burnt out. Maybe I pushed too hard to get what I wanted for my family, my mom and dad, to be grateful for what I did. I wanted LOVE. LOVE by being great.
I didn’t ever give them trouble because I knew: I was adopted and without them I would be in a worse place.
LOVE is the most significant power in the Universe. It is stronger than electricity. It is not ‘touch’ the little preemies thrive on. It is the Interrelationship of Heaven In Our Hearts.  
It is not romantic love, no, much stronger, not as fleeting.
(He looks me in the eye, and bends down). Your part is to take the diamond of the masses, make it shine and cut it for the Lord, right there, the very centerpiece of his crown. (He shows an image of a simple gold crown with one large diamond in the front and center, and he taps it with his finger).
C: ?
S: It is by your ability to be with me, quite automatic, that sets you apart from others. It is not often to find one like you. Or like Margaret. Angels weep at the thought of you reaching out to them like this, with your heart. No one gives back. No one ever gives thanks to those of us in Heaven. Only hollow memorabilia and mementos. But we LIVE!, out here on The Other Side. We do it rather nicely.
C: Won’t everyone know? (when the Veil is lifted?)
S: (softer voice) It will be by your example to get them not to freak out.  They can go either way. That is your mission, to stay cool, calm and collected when everything is falling apart.
Not in the physical. In the government and the way things run.
Are you up for it?
C: Yes. (why would I want to freak out?)
S: I am dead serious (that is not a joke ; ) ) It is going to be hard on you. Very very hard. Not on your boy. He will be okay. You will have access to him. But everyone will want to know “WHAT THERE IS”, not all at once, but many. Are you ready?
C: Is there anything I need to know to decide?
S: You (taps my heart center which has been glowing for two days) have everything that you know is inside. I want you to discover IT*. And when you do, share.   (* = the whole story behind the curtain/Veil, and the Askashic records of my soul.)
You have arrived at FULL CONSCIOUSNESS. You have been there for about a week now.
(he shows me an image of the mouse trap experiment to demonstrate fission. I am to be the first ball tossed in my district. I am honored and in tears of joy. He bows to me, and takes off his hat.
C: It wasn’t you as the ping pong ball (the computers, the internet and everything)?
S: I was the one that set up the experiment. You are the ball that gets thrown in. Establish Normalcy. A new Normal. It is right.
C: You think I can do it? It’s all energetics, huh?
S: (smiles) I am your messenger angel. I am from Syria (Sirian).
C: (He sends me a picture—he wants me to do what I did when we got to Honolulu and everyone in my extended family who was traveling together for Spring Break was fighting on the ground at the airport and I set the stage for healing: I treated the family to Zippy’s.) I have to think smart, huh?
S: I know you can do it.
C: Can I ask for help?
S: How do you think you accomplished what you did at Zippy’s? It was more than three (shows image of angelic presences intervening with all of the family members at the table)
C: So I am like the magnifying glass to the Light?
S: You are the lens, the object between two realities, though untouched by the element, is able to transmute and change it to be better, accepted.
C: I don’t like Physics.
S: It is not Physics.
C: Okay. I will do it. As long as I get to hold hands with someone when I need it.
S: I will hold the hand with you just like you do when someone has a baby in the O.R. at your work.
C: You are really serious.
S: I am.
C: As if I would say no!
S; (breathes a big sigh of relief) That wasn’t easy on me! That was my first assignment: to talk to you.  (I have been resting). How did I do? Did I do okay?
C: Your vibe wasn’t quite human or Spirit at first. The business vibe you picked could have been mistaken for the dark. I had to check if you were okay or not.
S: A little lighter? Kind of giddy?
C: Like an old doctor versus a new one. You will know – in time it will get easier. Smoother.
S: You are right (tousles my hair) I have to go. I love you. God and Family (we pinkie promise)
C: He’s gone. Wow. Woo….sigh.