Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Menehune Bob

This is a transcript of an actual conversation that happened in Ko Olina on April 7, 2012:

C: (there is a presence of menehune. I feel it. I am in a big hotel with lots of hidden menehune and mickey on the property).

M: I am the hidden one. The REAL one (in all of this fake). I found you. Your heart. It is pleasant. Pleasant and Hawai'ian. Aloha. I found my kind. I will bless it. (He heard me secure the room's energy with my crystal.) That (crystal) ain't from Tibet. Lemuria. That's where I grew up. And where I died. When it went flat. (sank). I am back to offer you my friendship. In the Light. I want a sign (to prove it).

C: Double Rainbow?

M: Not that. Too easy. Try something harder.

C: A whale?

M: Harder than that.

C: A one-leg-missing cricket.

M: Got it. I will send it to you on your path.

C: Menehune?

M: Bob. My name is Menehune Bob. Always go with this. Last name first, then Bob like in Asian Culture.

C: Bob?

B: Yes.

C: How can it be Hawai'i without geckos? (at the hotel)

B: Without the roaches?

C: Yes.

B: They spray. Lots and lots and lots of it. They are giving cancer to the masses. But no BUGS. As long as they spend their money here today. While on vacation. Everyone is fine with it.

C: I want organic.

B: Good luck finding that here. Laughs. Organic that is fake.

C: Like my tea in the silky bag?

B: Uh-huh (yes). You got it.

C: What to do about Spirit? (here in this fake hotel)

B: I will be there on attunement. (ed -I was going to teach a class this trip). I am Violet. Violet Flame. I will watch over you sometime.

C: Bob, if I was alive in Polynesia, Hawaii... ?

B:  Hawayo Takata (winks). All the stuff in dreams (I send) will help you with your family. Stay UP.


Reiki Doc