Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reiki, Weight, and Beauty

Ladies? Assuming you are in good shape (NYHA Class 1 or 2), we are going to talk about one of the temporary side effects of Reiki--gaining weight.

Men, I am writing this for you, but as you might be a tad self-conscious, we are going to keep this in the 'to the Ladies' wording, as well. You are welcome to this discussion!

Reiki attunement raises the Vibrational frequency of every cell in the body. This makes it 'more Light', or a wider column of Light that is connecting the Higher Realms to Gaia through the body.

Guess what? The body LIKES to be connected to Gaia. As compensatory reaction to the increase in Light, the body increases in size somewhat in order to help it ground better and have more contact with the earth.

I would say in the process of learning Reiki all the way to Karuna Reiki Master, I gained about twenty pounds without knowing it.

A lot of it for me is not being very active, not getting enough sleep, and having an especially busy life style. It was the convenience foods and dining out and the cafeteria at work, and the subsequent emotional component in my food choices, too.

I am happy to share that the weight is slowly coming off.

Trust in Spirit to guide you to what works for you.

For me, it is a raw vegan lifestyle. I eat to keep my Vibration up and Feel Better. I don't want that sluggishness I felt before after eating meat and very rich foods.

Everyone has what is going to work for them. Explore and talk to Spirit!

For me, Raw Vegan is Rocket Fuel.

Remember, going Raw doesn't have to be 100%. You take it at your own pace. Even if you are 20% you are getting the benefit.

I don't like labels. I also like choices. But as I try foods I used to enjoy (tempura shrimp being the one that comes to mind first), I get that yucky feeling and know I am not going to be ordering this one any more because it isn't a good 'match' for my Vibration.

How much have I lost? I don't know, because I don't like to weigh myself. But since January, my clothes have started to get looser. Today I have on my pajamas where the bottom is 'Large' and the top 'Small' and they both used to be a little tight. Not today. They are comfortable. At work I am in no hurry to downsize my scrubs from medium to small, but that day will be coming in the next three months.

I am normally quite petite. But having a baby changed my body a great deal. I gained about thirty pounds I could never lose. Then with Reiki, another twenty.

I am excited to get my body back. I am not hungry. I am not even trying to do anything but keep my Vibration up. The weight loss has been gentle, and I would say about fifteen pounds overall.

Well, what about the Beauty part? (And handsomeness factor--some of the men are reading this!).

Beauty is medicine. It is good for the patient and it is good for you. Beauty heals. This is beauty from within, a gentle spirit of Lovingkindness that shows upon the face when one is Balanced and Co-creating from a place of Wonder and Joy in their heart. It is the Universal Love and Acceptance of What Is --that is on the mind and heart-- therefore becomes visible on the face.

Reiki has pushed my beauty quotient (B.Q.) the highest it has ever been.

All of it is falling together; through Spirit I have found skin care products that work for me (Just Say Tomatoes from Target), makeup (Emani line, online, 100% natural and vegan), hair (I started going back to my stylist, and making the time for it), clothes (I get 'help' from Spirit when choosing what to wear), shopping (sometimes Spirit 'pops' something into my attention), movement (yoga and walks in the neighborhood), aromatherapy/High Vibration for my aura, general self-acceptance and work through my issues (mom's illness), and even a good friend with whom I can share my dreams.

As a result, I experience the sensation of glowing, not like the Sun, but like the Moon. My feminine nature is 'connected' to Source and yet to Gaia, and with every breath Light fills my aura.

I like glowing. It is a happy glow, kind of like the kind you see on a woman who is pregnant. It is like joy and everything working together in harmony to increase my Vibration like I was made to do.

I can see it in the eyes of my child, who has loving trust in me. I can see it in the eyes of my coworkers, who are glad I am working in the O.R. with them today. I can see it in the eyes of my patients, who are relieved to 'sense' my gentle caring and efficiency in providing anesthesia to them. It is a trust and opening up their hearts that I 'sense' that lets me know I am in the right place, at the right time, saying and doing the right action.

Your femininity (and your masculinity) is a Gift from Heaven. It can be trashed to the point of near destruction, as it was for me--but it is still THERE. And with gentle reassurance, and lots of trust, Spirit can help it return to all its splendor. God and Heaven are Light, and Light is in You, Forever.

Remember this.

Mary Magdalen is living proof. She turned her life around. She became Jesus' wife. She did. It was not talked about much, for her safety and the safety of their boy, Benjamin. But it is so.

Here is a message from her, that was channelled through another. It touched me deeply enough today to write this post. http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com/2013/04/i-am-mary-of-magdalena-as-received-by.html

Enjoy. Enjoy the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine (all of us have both) as they dance in the power of Co-creation, uniting Heaven-On-Earth with Gaia, in beauty and love and Light.


Reiki Doc