Friday, April 5, 2013

Cosmic Changes and Unconditional Love

This is an old anesthesia machine. The white/clear plastic loop at the top center is the breathing circuit that I attach to the airway device in the patient. The green bag is the reservoir bag that I squeeze to help someone breathe when they are starting to come off the vent. The canisters are filled with CO2 adsorbent which removes every bit of CO2 that is exhaled in the patient's circle breathing circuit. It is designed in such a way that the flow is one way, and there is no cross contamination from one patient to the next because of the one-way valves. However, when the adsorbent is full, a chemical indicator turns a bright purple color, and the anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist knows it is time to change out the pellets within.

There are some changes going on right now I think you should know about. There are three:

  • By the whales yesterday, I mean the killer whales at SeaWorld where I spent the whole day, I sensed strong Unconditional Love flowing through them to me; it was almost as if I was permitted a 'window' to see where these whales 'live' energetically every day. It was strong! It was 'heady'! It was like feeling the vibration of Heaven, only stronger, like a burning love in your chest. It was different from telepathy. It was a 'heart-centered connection' and I liked the sensation very much. Be on the lookout from the animals in your life--they are in 5D already--and you might get a 'hit' of their energy in the Higher Realms as you begin to transition into them yourself.
  • Mike Quinsey, the man who channels Salusa messages, which used to be on Wednesdays but now on Fridays, is taking a leave of absence due to health reasons. He had a stroke. This is the first of the main channelers I go to who is 'stopping'. Since everything happens for the 'best', this may be of significance but I am not making the 'connection' just yet. I know illuminati can give people illnesses in a way that is untraceable. But for Mike to have been 'picked' first, if this is the case,  means his messages were of some importance. Be sure to look up his messages when you have the time, and I am certain Spirit will bring out something for you that is of relevance to your personal development in your path.
  • Meline LeFont, who is another active channeler, is 'getting' this final message for herself for her own spiritual development, but has chosen to share it with us. Her reunion with her Twin Flame is underway, and the guides including St Germain advise on the physical changes to expect on the final 'leg' in the Ascension Process.
Energetically, it 'feels' like it is time to change the CO2 adsorbent canister...there is some 'indicator' out there changing. I am not sure what it foretells in your lives, exactly. But I know to warn you to look for it. 

In mine, I have initiated Twin Flame Recognition Sequence. Why on earth I would come up with such a thing? I know, it sounds right out of Star Trek, doesn't it? LOL. Well, it is due to my working with Spirit very closely, being 'asked' to say 'activate Twin Flame Recognition Sequence' out loud, and having the 'why not?' attitude to go ahead and say it.  It happened while I was first waking up about two or three days ago. That is when the messages are usually the most accurate for me. How can I afford not to 'activate' it? Let's go for it! Spirit is the wind in my 'sail', and my 'boat' is rising up on edge, and I am 'flying' through the ether, just the way I like it. I'll keep you in the loop on any 'news' on my side of the street. <3


Reiki Doc