Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Message From Our Lady: April 24, 2013

'Blessed Mother is the most excited I have ever seen her. She is saying, 'God has made a MIRACLE! God has made a MIRACLE! God has made a MIRACLE!' and clapping her hands. She is very excited and jumping up and down just a little bit. She takes here hands and is making a motion as if she is cleaning dust off of her palms. I asked if this message is for me, or for you readers? She says it is for me but to share.

I see Her. She is wearing blue, a sapphire color.  She is speaking:

Dear Ones, my Children Who Are Suffering in Silence:

Open your hearts.

God will bring to you great wonder and pleasure!

'Everything happens for the best' is a message I have been saying for some time.

(her hands open suddenly at eye level, fingers all spread out, and she is smiling).

It is happening! All the good that I have promised is about to begin. About To BEGIN!

(she holds me with a very tight hug. I know that I am loved and cherished.) She says this hug is for me but also to connect online with all of you who are 'listening' to Her on the screen Now.

God is going to take a Tenderness that you have never imagined, multiply it (opens and closes hands four times). A Tenderness you never thought would happen in your lifetime. A time of Preciousness and Light.

All the Angels that walk upon the Earth are privileged to hear that I am coming back for you. All of us on the Higher Realms--Ascended Masters, Saints, Archangels, Unicorns, everyone that is from the Higher Dimensions and works steadily for the Light. All of us are here for you! 

(I see an image of a foot climbing out of an airplane and touching on the ground. This foot is very light, off white, and the boot and pants are the same color. I hear the crunch of sand or gravel as the foot comes down.)

Everything happens for the best. It is what I promised a long time ago, to your Heart Center.

(she looks me in the eye and holds my face in her hands). God listened. Your Tears touched His Heart (her fist touches her chest by her heart). God knows and God is rewarding you and all your brothers and sisters for having Faith through the Darkness, and for anchoring the Light into Gaia. All Lightworkers are highly Blessed.

My Children, it is time for love and Family. It is time for Hope. It is time for Gratitude! The God you refer to as 'Source'--this is quite all right--at the Galactic Center of the Universe has Heard Your Cry for Help!

A New Life of goodness, gratitude, and peace will arrive any time now. I look forward to hearing from you, gentle laughter, songs of forgiveness, and tears of Joy/Healing/Gratitude for what God has given.

Aloha and I love you and Namaste,

Mother Mary, the Blessed Virgin, and the mother of Peace (who also changed his diapers very tenderly)

(I see her Son now too. He is so handsome! He is wearing a ivory colored uniform that is very form fitting and is trimmed in gold. He says 'Be Well' and waves.)


Reiki Doc