Friday, April 12, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 77

June 21, 2010
Hi Carla,
This is Ryan. Thank you for talking to my mother when I asked. Every word was perfectly given, that I asked of you. There was no “telephone”, no “changing of the message” . It was exactly how I intended.
Thank you for sending your card to her. On HER terms. With a picture of little (my son's name). I ask for you to send a picture of him to her this time every year…on the solstice.
I have been watching you on your development that is psychic. I like it. Open up your spiritual gifts. Let them run through you (Anne got the giggles about the toupee—especially Bernie and Margaret—she shared it with them. --ed--I discovered while sending Reiki to Chris, my long-distance fizzled 'connection' that Reiki distance healing does not go through a toupee!)
Anyhow, you are lonely in the Spirit in the Light. I understand. You are on the high frequencies. I was on the lower. There aren’t a lot of men except in the middle. I was lonely for my time, as was you.
Shhh. It is okay about the gym. It is okay. You will lose weight, not just by exercise but by diet and the Light and having sex.
I will marry you to someone that is warm and kind and giving. God has something glorious in fact. I want you to enjoy that  son of yours tonight. (Ryan tousles my hair…)

Love and kisses,
Ryan Robertson.