Monday, April 22, 2013

Aloha Sirius The Movie


Today is a big day. A movie gets released that is about Disclosure. Note--this is NOT disclosure. It is a MOVIE about Disclosure.

I saw the preview. And to be honest I didn't like it. It felt like it was made for Tex the Scrub Tech who I work with. Tex is 'open', his significant other is a massage therapist Pilates instructor...but open as he is Tex just can't escape from the attraction to 'what is cool!' In T.V. And the Internet. He showed me footage of women getting hit by trains or cars, getting up, and running in hot pursuit again like nothing Germany. They were hit by trucks!  'Isn't that COOL? What was that?!'

I explained they were holographic projections. El no comprende nada.

Another time I explained to him about what really has been going on under the Vatican. His eyes glazed over. I could tell he was uncomfortable with Truth of the pervasive prevalence of ritual abuse. They grow victims in cages! (Just read Cobra's Little Red Pill, and all of the links embedded in it and you will know the same as me.)

Even with the Boston tragedy, Tex was transfixed to the TV--did they get 'em? Did they get 'em?

Score: cabal controlled media--1 ,Reiki Doc trying to wake Tex up -- 0

So here comes a movie about Home. Home home, like, where my soul is from. The turnoff is the 'cool factor'. Seeing little aliens get dissected just turns me  off as much as the YouTubes of aliens Texwas showing me. In just  a brief clip I was getting a vibe that they were trying too hard. When you are in a position of convincing others,you are in a position of weakness.

And to help 'make it viral,they want all of your contact information and how many people follow you on what 'so they will match you to the right clip'...and they will give you money straight to Pay Pal.

Spirit is all about Vibration. Not about money. I recall when Greg Giles at the Galactic Federation went bonkers last year, there was a request for names in support of the Cause. It turns out Greg was channelling Non-physical archons. Ick! Apparently the David Ick drama is also just that, Drama, and not Light Work.

So even though the landscape in one of the previews looks like Home, I am going to wait for the right energy signature before I open up my pages to advertisement for the movie about Sirius,

And here is who I trust:  Cobra. Watch here for more news. And be sure thread today's Short Situation Update.

Aloha for now,
Mahalo and Namaste,

Reiki Doc

P.S. by the way, the entire GI Joe movie about Cobra is a twisted way to make our Cobra look like a not nice person. The movie The Avengers is twisted half-truth like that too. You see the blue column of light in it? That is a vortex. I built them, with help from Spirit. I made one just like that inHollywood by Kaiser. Guess what is across the street? ; )