Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Fountain of Youth?

Heaven looks like this. The road goes up and off to the left. There is a giant waterfall off to the right near where the road disappears. It is music and light as the water falls, in addition to the roaring like you would hear at Yosemite Falls. Heaven is dusty and peaceful, where everybody walks. And there is a little house off to the right. It is the house of Mary and Joseph. In my consciousness, I can go there any time I desire. There is a little bed with a straw mattress on it, in a room with a small chair and desk. It is 'my room', or the 'guest room', and I can go there any time I like. I have visited with Mary in the kitchen (she is a good cook, and patient). I like to spend time with Joseph in the workshop. He is patient and kind, always industrious. I asked him once what Jesus' favorite toy was? It was a carved wooden camel on a string with wheels so He could pull it as he walked.

One day, like all of Hue-manity, all of us are going to be able to 'travel' across space and time like this.

And one of the perks shall be the ability to 'dial in' any age that we desire to be!

Every one of my interactions with Spirit that I have in mediumship, I remark to myself how vibrant and young everybody appears. Body shape, size, and age are all within our ability to 'carve out' our life experience!

What would you think if I said you are able to have this ability, to some extent, to this day?

Let me share:

Cherie Soria is 66 and doesn't look it. The skin on her arm, her midsection, all defy age.

She says it is from her raw vegan diet.

I am like, 'yeah. right. tell me about it!'. I have had two leading metaphysical celebrities on the table in my O.R. getting their 'nip and tuck'. Right.

I had a 66 year old lady in my O.R. who wasn't any of them. She looked good too. But once asleep, I 'saw the mileage on the car'. I didn't say anything to anyone, since it is part of my work. But I deal with patient's ages as a ten year old is like a car driven off the lot, and a ninety-year old is like a jalopy under anesthesia due to the wear and tear. I know. Just like I can tell who is dipping into the painkillers a little too much by how fast my narcotics metabolize--I just know. The cardiac output, blood pressure, and lung function all show it. For example, 'closing capacity' in the lungs is a big function of age that affects my work.

Well, now I have 'Data Point Number 2' for the Raw, Vegan Diet. This is a male, an asian, about five foot four. I have had little asian grandmothers on the table, and they live a clean life--my drugs last way longer in them. This one has an age that others say, but looks about twenty years younger, and fooled my trained eye! There is a little grey, and shoes with a shuffle that makes me think of a 'touch of arthritis'. But the energy is UP. The passion for life is UP! And the skin on the face--although asians do not show their age as quickly as white people--looks vegan but not 'old' per se.

So what am I going to do with 'Data Point Number 2' who has been raw for 12 years and has a busy spiritual practice?

I am going to look for the scars of plastic surgery. There are two areas up on the head in the hairline for a brow lift. I am going to look in front of and behind the ears for a telltale scar. And I am going to look carefully at the lash line and crease on the upper lid, and inside the lash line on the lower one, for evidence of blepharoplsty. I am going to look at the forearms for general laxity of the skin and tone of the blood vessels that are unmistakeable with age. I have seen the hands. They look mid-forty-ish. No arthritis, no age spots, no vein changes. I am going to LOOK and I am going to report to you what I see.

Here is, I think, the science behind his secret--micronutrients, getting rid of food addictions, and super foods. They make sense.

My good friend Margaret Mc Cormick shared this with me. It makes sense, medically, metaphysically, and more.

I also think, to some extent, with Cherie and with 'Data Point Number 2' that the belief in Joel Fuhrman's 'way' is also manifesting the apparent age in these two individuals.  They are able to 'Co-Create' their appearance with regards to age to some extent.

Namaste, Blessings, Love and Light,

Reiki Doc