Thursday, April 4, 2013

'Heaven Dollars' is the New Currency for Light

Money is going away. Money is going away. Money is going away.

A lot of you are not going to take well to this announcement.

Money is going away.

It might not be in our lifetime, but in a couple of generations, we are going back to the system that worked just fine in this First Nations boy's heritage only a couple of generations back.

Does that mean we are all going to be a bunch of aborigines? Are we going to make our own houses our of sticks and mud and live in the wild?

I am smiling.

Why? Because the answer is 'yes' and 'no', with 'yes' meaning 'only if you want to'.

What do you think is going to happen when a bunch of Creator-God like Humans (Hue-manity) discover their ability to co-create? And get good at it?

If you have an excellent connection to Source, your Higher Self, like me, and your intuition is a fine-honed tool that helps you make decisions on the go as you live your life--tell me--are you going to consult a psychic? Are you going to sit and pay money to ask a tarot reader if your husband is cheating on you? Are you going to fork over your credit card and dial 1-800-PSYCHIC to see if your long lost lover is going to reunite with you? Are you going to pay for psychic development classes so you can start a career in metaphysics?

Of course you won't!

With the husband--he won't be able to hide. The lipstick in his aura, and her vibration, will be evidence enough that he is a cheater. You will have compassion for him, not blame, accept him as he is, and decide for yourself whether to 'move on' or 'work it out'. You will decide this together, and you will know if he is lying to you because your intuitive guidance is up and running.

If you want your long-lost lover to reunite with you, you will co-create it. It might take a long time, but if you have the faith and believe in it and feel the emotions as if it is right around the corner, it will happen.

And even though it hasn't happened yet, and I hope that it doesn't come to this, there are no classes yet for children to learn to walk. It just 'happens' when the child is ready and the support of the parents and caregivers. The same shall be true with psychic development. Of course there will be schools in the metaphysical arts, just as there are for music, science, and the rest of the educational disciplines. But for basic, every day psychic ability, Hue-manity (awakened humans who are 5D and higher) are going to do just fine.

Does this mean if you are in the psychic development business you are going to have to find other work? Well, I prefer to say 'other work is going to find you'. The same is true for me, I am a healer. Disease as we know it is going away. Ninety percent of it is man-made anyhow. So I am patient and look to my guides to direct me. If I can, I want to unite the energetic healing paradigm with my allopathic one, and help others to discover how 'science and spirit are one'. But two chess moves after that? Or two jumps across the checker board? Or two shuffleboard plays--I might be that old when it happens--seriously? I am going to have something that interests me and helps people to do. I don't know what, but it will be there and I will be useful.

Money is going away. That is a most excellent thing! The means they have of controlling you is going to slip through their fingers just like sand in Darth Vader's grip.

You will be able to manifest your material and spiritual needs.
You will be able to manifest your material and spiritual needs.
You will be able to manifest your material and spiritual needs.

Gold will be like dust. It will be that abundant.
'Money', if you will, as a term for the ability to 'have freedom to do what you want' will be abundant like the oxygen we breathe.

Money is going away. There is going to be a new currency for the Transition--one that will be fair and transparent and no one can hoard. And then it is going away. It is going away FOR GOOD, For Once and For All, and I mean FOREVER!

I sincerely hope you are okay with this.

And if you wish to start living with 'Heaven Dollars', why not just put those words into the search box on this blog, and see by my example, how I think, and how I work with this concept in my blogging, as I have for two years, every single day?

Mahalo and Aloha Nui Loa!


Reiki Doc

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