Sunday, April 7, 2013

Holy Sheets!

Today I was trying to settle the sinking feeling of hypocrisy I had been having over what I feed my son--what he will eat and he is picky--and what I have in my mind about what both of us should be eating.  I went to a lecture about 'Creating Healthy Children' by Karen Ranzi.  And in paying close attention to my feelings on this matter, I came up with a 'formula' of sorts on the back of an envelope on Thursday night. On Saturday night, 777Alaje mentioned something very similar in Part 20, released that day. Let me go over the story, and give the formula on 'Vitality' at the end.

This morning there was a request for breakfast: crepes. I make them from scratch using organic milk, organic eggs, organic butter, and not so sure about the flour, not organic white sugar, and Himalayan pink salt. I put Nutella inside, and it is very well-liked. I also special order chestnut spread from Bonne Maman online for me--it costs just as much to ship it as to buy it--but it is worth it because I love it.

So after my green drink--(today it was just almond milk with Dr. Shulze two tablespoon and raw protein powder one tablespoon)--I was good to go. I didn't care if it tasted awful. I had run out of juice, but I liked the effect so I drank it with the almond milk, making special note to go buy juice later.

I don't even try with my boy anything green. If I put the protein powder into the smoothie, anything green, or yogurt, he won't drink it. He hates nuts and nut butters too. If I put in a banana, orange juice, ice cubes, and one other thing--peach, pineapple, strawberry, blueberry--he'll drink it. I did not make smoothie today.

Right after the crepes, when he was 'full', about twenty minutes later, he asked, 'Mom, do you want some chocolate?'. That is the sign of toxic hunger--wanting food shortly after a meal is absorbed, especially while watching YouTube. His fat is like a tumor, exerting estrogen-like and other hormonal effects. Built like a lineman, his body is made for work and lots of it.

I had tried the 'join the swim team so you can eat anything you want 10,000 calories a day like Michael Phelps' approach. He has been in swim lessons since age two. But scheduling and sinus problems made us have to quit.

Before the lecture, he wanted a hamburger from Mc Donalds. I know lectures aren't his thing, but this one was for kids, and it was good for him to be there. This time, however, he wanted only the burger--ketchup only. He passed on the coke (he is ADDICTED) and fries. Why? Because he likes the Hawaiian blend smoothie where the lecture is at BETTER. (He drank two, the first one chugged in less than one minute).

At the lecture, I enjoyed 'Living' spaghetti--hard to explain, but enjoyable enough for a picky Sicilian like me. I love basil! This was definitely high-end, Raw Vegan. I had a mysterious 'margarita' elixir that was warm, and 'living' chocolates to share at the end.

Then Karen went into her talk.  I am not even going to begin about the particulars. Here is her website

My thoughts?

  • Karen's paternal grandmother almost died a single mother with a four-year old son from asthma and emphysema. She found a book in the 1920's on 'mucus-free living', turned vegan, and healed. As a physician, I suspect alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency--Christy Turlington has that. It is a good way to need lung transplant. She also might have had chronic bronchitis--my doc friend who had it had to lie on a slant-board head down for two hours a day, one in the a.m. and one in the p.m. to get her sputum up.
  • Karen's father and mother disagreed on diet for her. He was vegan. Mom wanted meat 'for protein'. 
  • She ate 'conventional food' until she got sick. And went vegan. And healed. 
  • Her boy had bad asthma. Her husband didn't want her to, but she turned him vegan. He healed.
  • All of this can be explained by some genetic, inherited disease process that resolves with no dairy no meat.
  • Right when I was starting to wonder where she got the time to keep her family raw vegan--she said that she home-schooled her kids. She was a stay at home mom. 
  • She lives in a bubble. But the grandmother on the paternal side? She's the one I'd like to hear talk!
  • Karen says that attachment parenting and breast milk and pregnancy with the mother 'eating a variety' will 'make the kid love vegetables!'
  • Been there. Done that. Nursed for three years, four months, and three days. (he liked to go to sleep that way) The only thing he liked inside the womb and out is chocolate! Used to jump around inside whenever I ate it--I eat a little dark chocolate every day.  Everything else? *sigh* even when you do it right there are no guarantees--especially when coparenting with a bio-dad who teaches him that cheap food is best, serves most meals in the car, and that meat is both 'manly' and 'love'. Did I say they always split a Big Gulp together, too? All the sugar, all the caffeine. Since our boy was TWO.
  • At least the attachment parenting gives you a relationship with the child that is close enough to 'work with them' on diet.
After the talk, which was not kid-friendly at all and frankly, boring ('can you hold your questions till the end?' she said to the other child who was actively engaged in the lecture and asking age appropriate questions at the age-appropriate frequency--after starting the lecture saying 'feel free to ask questions!' with a smile! What?!? At least my kid got the questions SHE asked right!) I took the kid to a movie he wanted to see, GI Joe. I enjoyed the movie about as much as he enjoyed the lecture. Even though we ordered some GMO-laden franken-popcorn, he wanted a water and not the coke.

We had 'family night' at the nursing home with nana and mom. All three girls and our kids went. We were full from popcorn. But after, at eight at night, he wanted dinner. KFC. A four-piece grilled meal, mashed potatoes, gravy, and biscuit. He let me have the coleslaw. We both had water. 

The way I see it, if you are going to live in a real world, and enjoy the companionship and flexibility of the opportunities life has to offer, you are going to have to step OUTSIDE the bubble of the stay-at-home mom with a raw-vegan lifestyle, and just 'go for it'.

My sister, the 'healthy one', stopped off at Sprouts before going to the nursing home. She had a kombucha with chia seeds and raw trail mix, but her dinner was in the car. She used to be a pescatarian, but now, if she must, has occasional meat.

This is where trust in Spirit and intuition and self-knowledge are important: as your vibration goes UP so does your need for different types of food.

You will eat Lighter, and the foods you enjoyed might not appeal to you so much any more. KFC makes me sick. It also is starting to make my son sick, too. The cruelty in the animal products is 'perceived' by your consciousness, and it does not want it.

This speaker, bless her heart, is sincere. She happens to be very third-dimensional:  convince YOU that MY way that worked for ME is BEST. I give her that.

Here is the way of the fifth dimension:

Vitality (as in Optimum Health) =   (Vibration Raising Choices - Vibration Lowering Choices)/ Vibration Raising Choices.

Your health is a by-product of your VIBRATION.

Raw vegan foods, and all the healings, are real. But it is just as much VIBRATIONAL ENERGY HEALING as it is anything else. You drop a bunch of the toxins that lower your vibration by eating pure and clean food, you select foods rich in Life Force ('micronutrients and superfoods' per Joel Fuhrman, M.D.), and your Vibrations goes UP. The Aura strengthens. The chakras SING they are functioning so properly and balanced. And you heal whatever disease it was that got you sick in the first place.

Your percent Vitality is going up. In my mind's eye, I see it like a test score--70% = C, 80% = B. 90% = A

Optimal health is more than nutrition. It is sleep, meditation, movement, getting rid of toxins (in food and environment), and getting aligned with your Higher Purpose.

No matter what you eat, bless it. If your Vibration is high enough, no food is really 'bad' for you, although avoiding cruelty makes a lot of sense. In a way, one can think of Cruelty as a Toxin, wouldn't you agree?

This is from a busy single mother who has to stay up late tomorrow night taking care of patients. I am in that position on the schedule where I am the last to leave the O.R. Holy Sheets! (I saw this on the back of a truck while driving home and thinking about this subject--LOL--Spirit has the BEST sense of humor!)

I also believe in respect for my son's Free Will in the food department. I am not going to force him into ANYTHING. It will come right back in my face when he is older. 

Like Cherie Soria says, 'If it does not taste good we won't eat it.'

And like I add, 'If it is too hard and requires a lot of planning in advance, it's just not going to happen.'

When I figure this one out, the lifestyle and the kid and the coparenting and raw vegan, I will let you know. Back to the old drawing board--one day we are going to get it right!

Namaste, and Aloha Nui Loa,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Good advice from Karen when I asked about the 'fake meat' soy products. Don't. They are processed, and soy is often GMO. The guest in the audience shared that these soy products are made from waste material after making animal feed from soy. 'Think of Tofu as White Bread' is the general consensus. And avoid the top 5 GMO's: soy, sugar, corn, tomatoes, and potatoes.