Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 72

May 14, 2010
I am with you.
I am the whale that beached today. Died and beached. In that order.
I was sick, miserable, alone. The nets had kept me from passing with my pod by the Dana Point area. My mother was tragically distressed. Leave me and go on. The others told her “Yes. There is next year with a new calf.” My mother knew, all of them knew that I would die like this, that it was for the best. Not you. Not you or anyone that cared. You were upset, your boy sweet boy cried for me. I felt it.
Thank you for thinking my cause was worthy of your day. I felt ill, weak, unpleasure—it didn’t hurt at any instant.
The life it drained out of me. I was sick sick sick, not from the nets, from my heart, my mother left me to die! At the end I did accept it.
I felt a strong “you are not alone” and that you prayed to me with your son that I would be with Jesus. That’s why I came to you. My spirit did.
(See female figure with heart glowing) I thanked you both so much. You were on my heart…(on her sleeve).
I love you, both at once, forever, thank you much for loving me.
Lilly Fatima
(my real name is hard to pronounce; ed. –I heard a whale whistle)
I love you have peace.