Monday, April 29, 2013

Genius A and Genius B

Today I had the delightful chance to watch the interaction between two people I am lucky enough to know. Would you like to share with me?

Let me begin. There are actually THREE 'characters':

Genius A:  my eight-year-old boy who made Reiki Master at age seven. He has incredible retention of any fact read or mentioned to him. He is also a competitive swimmer, and excels at Martial Art. He is in a special program at school because of his gifts. He is an expert on whales. He is a medium, and has seen Walt  the last time he was at Disneyland. (I have too. I blogged about it, Buena Vista something--use the search box)

Genius B: a devout Buddhist who lives a humble life, works hard at what he does, and is recognized internationally for his work in the Raw Vegan Humanese Fine Cuisine. He invented the term, 'Humanese'. He has taken a vow of silence.

Genius C: me. I have an I.Q. in the low to mid 150's. Let me summarize my academics as 'I am Saraswatti on steroids' spending most of my life in academics to learn and to teach anesthesia. I am also certified as a Psychic, a Medium and  a Healer. I am a Karuna Reiki master. My work in the unification of traditional and energy medicine is my passion. People world-wide are following this work and welcoming it. Guess what? My boy is more intelligent than I am! And fun,too.

So now you know the 'characters'.

Let me set the scene:

  • Genius A is home from school with a relapse of a chronic sinus condition.  He goes with me.
  • Genius B is at his office in his place of work. 
  • I have the day off. At the request of the owner of the restaurant I came to 'show how my heart machine works'. (I gave them an AED because the owner had twice the highest value of triglycerides that I have ever seen clinically after travel to France. The only reason it is normal is that this person trusts Genius B and ate raw-vegan only for thirty days like he advised. )
We are in the empty restaurant, owners, me, my boy, and the sister-in-law of an owner. I open the AED and trainer pad boxes, figure it out, and give the demonstration on the teaching module. I explain how this 'buys time' between the 911 call and the arrival of paramedics to the scene; it is the standard of care. I did NOT mention that the last three times I have taken yoga on Saturday there, the elderly ladies have made me jolt out of 'yoga mode' and go into 'doctor mode' due to their distress while on the yoga mat.  They were fine, but the loudness or their complaints and the sudden 'need to rest' had me on full alert with my emergency skills. This place is full of not-so-healthy people looking for a cure, and until they obtain it, there is a chance that one of them might need an AED. If I save one life, the purchase is worth it, without a doubt.

I did not say, 'This is for you' to anyone. I said, 'this is for your spouse because he keeps eating meat'. That got their interest and 'buy in'! Everyone did chest compressions on the teaching 'patient' to the 'trainer commands' on the AED. They stuck on the pads, and pushed the flashing orange button when the machine said it was time to push. My boy even fell on the ground as my 'Annie' and was not 'okay' when I gently shook his shoulder. I raised up his shirt to show how much exposure is needed for the pads to stick. My friends are so innocent to medical emergencies that they wanted to stick the pads on my son--I quickly said, 'No!' (Live pads would kill someone to get a shock while the heart is beating, and also hurt very much. I was not going to take a chance with the trainer ones.)

This was done soon, and soon Chef Genius B went back to his office. As I put everything away, I needed a sharpie to clearly label the boxes. I asked my boy to find one. Chef had it, and let him borrow it. When my son returned it, he didn't come back. I checked to see if he was annoying Chef...

And this is when the best interaction I have seen in a long time began--Genius A with Genius B. Genius A is full of energy, innocence, and Light. There is no guile anywhere in him. Genius B, is hyper-polite, doesn't speak, and full of more Light. Genius A looks up to Genius B; I think Genius B also really enjoys Genius A, too.

C: A is drinking green smoothies now for breakfast.
B: fist bumps A.
A: we ordered a new Vitamix.
B: (shows swirling motion with finger, and gives thumbs up, smiles)
C: our green smoothies with the old blender are a little too chunky...

There is a pause. Spirit wants me to ask Chef about an upcoming event at the end of May in the area. His expertise is needed, and hopefully he will be interested in the event. 

I also have a pendulum in my pocket that is meant for him. It 'spoke' while I was buying pendulums for the two children that were described in 'Fear of Reiki'. It is to help him in a new venture, so Spirit can assist  when decision-making that is expensive and long-lasting comes up (if that is his Free Will choice to consult the pendulum). Either A or I could show anyone how to use it (see post Pendulum 101).

I just couldn't go there. Not yet. Something watching the energy of the two in the office inspired me...

C: to B--have you ever seen The Annoying Orange?
B: shakes head no. meantime A gets very excited, and directs B to the YouTube (at end of post)
A: may I sit down?
B: nods yes. A pulls up a chair in front of the computer.

we watch and laugh together, well, Chef smiles and relaxes. We watch the first episode, Saw 1, Saw 2, and Onion Ring of the Annoying Orange series. During Onion ring part, we see this:

A: to B-do you like onion rings? (totally innocent of what raw vegan means, figures it's vegetarian)
B: looks at me, then him.
A: have you EVER had them?
B: nods yes.
A: I think they are good, I've had them too.

the next episode is 'We Will Mock You'. It sounds like 'we will rock you'. Chef taps his foot and smiles big over the blender. A and I laugh over it too.

C: (smiling and laughing, putting my arm around A) to B -- welcome to our world!

What kind of world is this, when a child can show a Raw Vegan Chef the wonder of the kitchen comedy of the Annoying Orange? What kind of time is it when an anesthesiologist who was also an ACLS instructor can share life-saving skills with the leading raw/vegan restaurant that brought 'food is medicine' to new heights? And where people who eat onion rings, and those who choose not to, can laugh together and enjoy each other very much? 

It is a world where Love Reigns and Angels are normal. Today was the first day I had where both feet were right in the Higher Dimension. There was no ego. We are one, united in service to the health of others, sharing our gifts with each other for an hour that gave me hope and joy.

I had grown so weary of having one foot in the third dimension and the other in the stars! I couldn't bear it! Today I laughed and got my first big sigh of relief.

I hope this story gives you a smile and lots of hope as well. 

Here is the link to Annoying Orange. You should have seen the smile on Chef's face at the end. It was a priceless 'photo' I will keep in my back pocket for a long time. Be sure to watch and you will understand why...


Reiki Doc