Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Raiders Of The Lost...Replicator?!?

It's Raiders Of The Lost ARK!
Everyone knows that, Reiki Doc!


Imagine someone comes from behind and covers your eyes to play that game--guess who?
By process of elimination, you go through who is in the area with you. Your mind races! You feel the touch of the hands on your face, the warmth, the pressure, the size...and you guess! Who can this be that is sneaking up on me like this? You are smiling, you are laughing...

Yet at the same time, your subtle energies (your 'aura') is interacting with this person. Part of you is 'straining to pick up a vibe from them', isn't it?

Isn't that how you KNOW for sure who that person is who is playing the game with you? Somewhere, in your knowledge of them, as  distinctive as their voice, is their energy signature, or their VIBRATION.

You think this is a bunch of hogwash? Well, I have a Vibration I can elicit in you. In one word.
Now you know automatically what I express: moping, depressed, downer who is love-able from Winnie The Pooh.
Eeyore has a vibe all to himself. <3


Ever stop to think about the people who make animal meal?
Who ever thought to grind up dead animals and feed them to live ones who are obligate herbivores?

What kind of mind has the ability to come up with this?
What kind of heartless soul has the designs to carry through with it?
And what kind of cajones does it take to turn it around and sell the meat from these 'herbivores' to YOU and say it is 'food' and 'healthy'?

Those same people are the ones that put sawdust into bread for the concentration camp victims, isn't it? And told them it was good for them to eat, too?


Every cell in your body is vibrating with the Energy of Life. They are literally dancing. In the framework of connective tissue, each cell is bursting with Life Energy right in their place, doing their job, keeping you whole.

The sum total of this dance of the many cells is your energy signature, or Vibration.

It is affected by what you think. Look at the work of Masaru Emoto with the snowflakes in Japan. Water that has been given Loving thoughts makes an exquisite crystal of great beauty and delight. Water that has been given angry thoughts, is barely able to form the ugliest misshapen crystal of all.

You are water, more than seventy-percent, are you not? Isn't cytoplasm , the content of the cell, mostly water?

Your Vibration is affected by your beliefs, by your thinking, by your feelings, by your 'conditioning'--physical exercise, and by your food.

Raw vegans take in much more water that is organic in the form of Living Foods. They do not ingest the milk of animals who are tethered in cages and connected to a machine. They do not eat the flesh of animals who do not wish to die and are afraid of it. As a result, the vibrational component that is affected by the foods we eat, for a Raw Vegan, is technically dialed 'all the way UP', wouldn't you agree?

And if the Vibration is dialed 'all the way up' and added with meditation, with good works, and with Loving Kindness, and possibly even Reiki, the energy from Source, would it be possible for the inflammatory process of disease and aging to reverse itself? Or to slow down considerably?

Studies show the carnitine that is ingested in red meat, particularly lamb, has  a direct effect on atherosclerosis. And this is why vegans have such lower rates of cardiovascular disease. Less carnitine.

Or is it Higher Vibration?

A Replicator is a device that has advanced technology from off-planet. It is Galactic.

It is how they get their food, and possibly their supplies on their long voyages.

You decide what it is you want to eat, and like the bell on the microwave going BING!, the replicator makes it and you take it out of the replicator and enjoy.

I was kind of upset over this when I learned it. Part of me likes to relax when I come home from work, just to create in the kitchen. Soups are what I enjoy best, and lately, more focus is on salads.

What am I going to do with all the cool stuff in my kitchen? The Le Creuset pots and pans that are brightly colored, and shaped like garlic and a heart? The ones just like mom's? What about my Mikasa china I bought for my birthday and use on special occasions? What about my beautiful classic Wusthof knives?

This is how vegetarians and carnivores are going to be happy. The meat that comes out of this device isn't going to be from any dead animal at all--it is 'manifested' somehow, and just as good as the real thing. 

Legend has it that the Ark Of The Covenant was a late-model Replicator.

Isn't that something the 'Oppressors' would be interested about? The power to create all they desire. The power to keep to themselves while they put sawdust in the bread of their slaves in concentration camps.
I am not naming names, I am not slamming nationalities or cultures--but the same evil mind behind the 'concentration camps' are building up 'FEMA camps' around us as we speak.

Look with your eyes and SEE. Feel with your heart and KNOW the Truth as it is presented to you. Not by 'what talking heads on the news are reading off the teleprompter to you'. Who writes that stuff, anyways? May it just might be possible that there is a connection between the Oppressors and the Mass Media and the Ones that put sawdust into the bread and ground up dead animals into the livestock for the public?

I don't know, exactly. Because only I can decide for me and you can decide for you what is Truth.

That is the law of Free Will, exactly.

And for now, I will leave with the thought of a young Indiana Jones on my mind. Smart, sexy, funny, and just a little bit scruffy...sigh...just the way I like 'em.


Reiki Doc