Thursday, April 25, 2013

Washing Hair versus Washing Minds in Corporate America

This week work took me out of the O.R. and into the corporate building. Everything was fine with what I was asked to do; I enjoyed the change of location. However, in working with this team, it struck me as odd that their life schedule is vastly different from mine: very predictable.

But I have to make the point, with something that was telepathic: while I walked through all the cubicles, with all the workers being silent, I felt deep compassion for their plight. I kept having images 'flash' through my awareness of cows being lined up in the stalls with the milking machine going full power. I felt the cow's rationalization--I get hay and I get shelter and someone cuts my hoofs for me and I get medical care--so what if I give them my milk? It's a fair exchange.

The 'walking desks' were the worst. They just had terrible energy that 'something is seriously wrong with this picture'. This is one of the BEST places for being 'worker supportive'! But in my mind,  the entire premise of corporate america is a lot like dairy farmers doing their 'thing'.

In the middle of this, I had the opportunity to meet an inspirational anesthesiologist. She leads a program to wash patients' hair in the hospital. Every big holiday, for example, next up is Mother's Day, she and a team of volunteers go wash and dry the patient's hair. 'People NEED to have their hair washed!' she confided. 'And you see it trickle down in the quality of care in these patients--if I, a physician, care enough to wash the hair of these patients, then others in the patient-centered care team follow suit.' It takes four volunteers to wash one patient's hair at the bedside. They have a system. And they dry the hair too.

Patients LOVE it!

There is no Reiki whatsoever involved in this doctor's 'mission'. She is straight Allopathic Medicine and this is coming right from her heart.

Isn't that WONDERFUL?

And back to Corporate America--as I walked around the many cubicles on my way to the bathroom, I saw how glorious individuality still can be seen. The 'I love my sports team!' cubicle. The 'I love my family' photos all across the desk, complete with children's drawings. And I saw hearts and angels, many of them, as a reminder of what is what in these workers' lives: their connection to Source.

As I walked, I gave Loving Compassion energy and the Platinum Ray everywhere.

They are so hungry for the Light! What beautiful spirits harnessed to 'harnesses'. One day soon God will free them--I sense this. Stay tuned and keep hoping for the Highest Good to Overcome all Darkness and for human bodies to be optimized for health and peace and prosperity overall!


Reiki Doc