Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 83

March 13, 2011
I was lying on the orange jersey sheet in the sun by the Griffith Observatory. A spirit came to me. Mr. Griffith. He chose to stay. “What do you seek?” he asked me.
Man, I was stuck---“My youth, my excitement for science…” it fell flat.
He reminded me to go—after dark it’s not safe. And to see Uncle Ben.  I thanked him.
Mr. G:  I am here. Thank you for what you have written on my behalf. I am thankful. I walk around all day. No one notices me. I chose to stay. I like the place. (ed—he was three feet up). I ‘guardian’ it. I protect. ( ed--Both meteorites noticed me too. I am the only one. Meteorites have Consciousness.)
If you have a hard time with men, follow it. Ask what you are to learn. Ask it when you are quiet. Ask it in a way that helps you find the truth about yourself/your sexuality. (He touches my hair) I saw how hard it was on you to see that couple making out on the observation deck.
Do not fret.
There is another.
Not quite Mark (Taylor) (pinches my cheek)
But good enough (Not Dean not Dean not Dean)
Very happy.
You will be very Happy.
Have faith.
Look within.
It is a shortcut to “learning lessons”.
Frank Griffith of Griffith Park
(I want you to come to the Zoo).