Thursday, April 11, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 74

June 3, 2010
This is Helen. Helen Huynh. I saw you when I left (Earth)!
I was at my funeral, I saw you were not there. I am okay with it. I understand the reasons (you were post-OB Call; it was a busy night) and I agree it was more safe that you slept.
I am calling to my family and loved ones. They can’t hear me! My husband had the hardest time with it. I was next to him, right on top. He couldn’t tell that I was there trying to talk to him.
I want you to know that I care for you and for everybody we knew, even our boss S. I saw a lot of things up here when I went. What he did was not right by you. But he was nice to me. As always. I hope you understand.
My message is to have my life as a starting point, a bridge to something better. Do what I did—in fact—the OPPOSITE of what I did! Live your life, be your own person, get joy out of your every flesh. It lasts, that joy. About your work in the spirit (Applause!!) You GO GIRL! You are on the right track to helping lots of people.
And is for your boy, I love him very much. I always wanted to have a son like him. I was glad to know him. (And I didn’t tattle I just wanted them to know I was upset in the locker room). And the card with the blueberries. I got it! I saw it. I love you both so much.
Helen Huynh, CRNA