Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Morning Light

My grandfather had a donkey in Sicily and loved her very much

The birds are singing outside right now. I can hear them. It is beautiful. The sky is pitch black, but they know the dawn is near.

I adore morning time. I enjoy waking up with the sun. And sometimes a little before it. Even when I have to jolt myself out of my warm bed to get ready for work. I had the most beautiful dreams last night! I hit the snooze button twice just to relish the thought of being back in those dreams once more. 

Are mornings for you?

I have a friend that I grew up with. She is in recovery from i.v. drug abuse. She has an interesting comment.

When she was using, and she would hear these birds chirping like they are now, she would call them 'The birds of Satan'. She hated to hear them, and it would irritate her very much.

Now she is clean and sober, she wonders how she ever could have felt this way at all!

She absolutely loves to hear their song now. Just like I have my whole life.

Morning is a time for Love and Light to brighten your day. It is rebirth. It is like Springtime, fresh and full of promise of delight.

Delight is your birth right!

You are given the power to joyfully co-create what kind of experiences you want to have in your day. Not just 'for learning' but for beauty, joy, love, harmony, and absolute DELIGHT!

Well, you may have given your power for some time to the media and society--but it is not your fault in any way. They worked hard to trick you into 'loaning' your creative energy of the mind and harnessing it into what was broadcast on the news. Whatever they showed, you believed, and that was what the cabal meant to happen. For example, you live in a 'scary world' right now because of what they are showing you and your choice to believe what they are saying--and not the other way around. You manifest 'scary' together with everyone else who watched the news, on ANY station, even PBS.

If you were to believe in hearts and flowers, and not the news, everyone would co-create a beautiful world of peace together.

All it takes is turning the t.v. off, skipping the newspaper for a day (or scanning it with a healthy grain of salt), and allowing Mother Nature and her wonder into your consciousness.

It is beautiful, and simple, and patient, just like the sunrise with the birds.

I love you completely. I know this is a big lesson for you today. It is sent in Gentleness and Light. 

I promise to be less direct in the next blog post.

That is enough for this moment.

Don't work too hard and have a good day.  : )))

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc