Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What Does Not Phit?

I fell on it!

I don't know how it got there.

I can't get it out.

Today we are going to discuss the world wide phenomena of freaky foreign bodies that, um, 'get stuck' in a person's rectum.

What have I seen? What comes to mind first is a large pink can of Big Sexy hair spray that a surgeon had to manually extract. General anesthesia relaxes the sphincter tone, and makes this non-surgical means of removal possible. Most things are removed much in the same way as digital disimpaction--through the anus by hand. But when it gets too difficult or too uncomfortable, then to the OR they go. Sometimes there has to be an open procedure, called an exploratory laparotomy, to remove part of the colon with the foreign body in it.

I can't even recall exactly what all of the items have been in my days in the O.R. But if you want to start a fascinating conversation with someone who works in the E.R. or O.R. or General Surgery, just ask what their most memorable Foreign Body extraction case in their career was.

Part of being in medicine is learning how to deal with people who 'deviate from the norm' in a significant way and keep a straight face.

Yesterday I discovered that the little angiocath from a twenty-gauge i.v. is the perfect size to stent open nipple piercings once the bar is taken out. Piercings that are unusual also  might make a good conversation, as well as 'unique tattoos'.

I can tell a lot about a surgeon's heart and level of Consciousness/Evolving Soul by how they regard tattoos on the area they are planning to work. Do they modify the incision placement to spare it? If this is not possible, how carefully do they match the two sides up while closing skin? It takes a lot of heart to respect someone's ink in the area you are working on a busy day in the O.R.

Recently I had a senior who refused to remove her dentures for her operation. Flat out refused. 'I'm not going to take them out!'. I smiled and said, 'You don't want them to break, do you? How about it I take them out when you are unconscious?'' No. No. No.' 'Well then I am going to cancel the case.' 'Okay, I'll do it your way doc. Put them in when I wake up'. I have also seen hairspray that has so much bouffant that the head crunches a little when I adjust it during anesthesia. I don't understand how that patient thought it looks good?

These are patients who we say 'have too much time on their hands' and have a distorted perception of self. Yesterday when I took a pair of protective goggles off a patient, the eyebrows that were penciled in came off on it. I looked at the blue foam with two matching little brown arcs and thought, 'what is THIS?' I also found a clip on the patient's head I took off to prevent pressure wound that was all full of fake hair! It looked like a small furry animal, and the circulating nurse got a second blue hat to contain it.

Where is the Reiki in this? Is this subject sensationalism?


These patients are 'sparks of God' just like me and just like you.

And this is where the Reiki and years of Spiritual Mastery come in: can you look them in the eye, keep a straight face, not judge, and be of service to them?

Who is most in need of Reiki? The little old clean grandmother or the 'worldly one' who has made such 'bad choices' that they end up in the O.R. as an emergency? Both have need--but the one with the most 'baggage' is the one that is going to make the most impact in their life by receiving Reiki from you.

So 'look them in the eye'.
Think, 'but for the grace of God there goes I'
Fight the temptation to gossip, gossip, gossip. You're gonna get HIPAA fines for that any way. (patient privacy).

Be smart clinically. Wear eye protection. Use Universal precautions. When giving anesthesia, monitor brain wave activity to make sure the patient does not have 'tolerance' to narcotics or other 'recreational substances' and has 'enough' to keep asleep during the operation.

Be smart in your Heart Center also.

In my last patient,  the one who was a pathological liar, I gave Reiki during anesthesia. As I got in to the aura. Archangel Michael showed up, and asked modestly, 'Do you want the works (for this one)?' I smiled and thought, 'Yes, Please!'. And he knelt on one knee, indicating great pleasure with my response. He said, 'I will take care of the rest.' and I felt the energy 'change' somewhat and keep 'modifying' for the rest of the case.

Depending on the person I am working with, my partners on Spirit Side that come help sometimes for my safety and well-being take most of the work.

Partnership with Spirit in Healing is truly incredible. With learning Reiki, you develop this partnership with some spirits on the Other Side that help direct the Universal Light Healing Energy into you, where you carry it through your energy system and body into the person you are healing with Reiki. They are your Reiki 'Guides' and commit to working with you during the attunement process. That is when you 'meet them'. Sometimes you 'see' their face, and learn their identity. Sometimes you just have a 'sense' of 'someone is there' working with you while you give Reiki too. Sometimes they 'change' as you move up a level; sometimes you have the same one the whole time.

The more you practice, the more 'open' you get. The better you work as a team. And the more rewarding it is with the Heaven Dollars you all get to double and triple the Heaven Dollars that you store in your Heart from having helped one of God's own children in distress.


Reiki Doc