Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 86

April 7, 2011
CC: I saw you at the Fish Fry. You were smiling. I fell.
I want to talk to you about life. It isn’t what you think.
I never did it. I was a virgin. I missed NOTHING. I am happy so much.
I miss my family though. Can you comfort them? I can’t. I keep trying and it won’t work. I saw you and thought I’d ask. It is you who goes to St. (name of church)’s

C: Yes. You are young. Young deaths are hard on parents and friends.
Be as near as you can. Do not walk away. Keep trying. They will figure it out. Play songs for them. Hide pennies so they find them. Knock on the walls—make noise.
It is as their much fate as yours for them to go through this. I will comfort. I will pray.

CC:  That boy (points to my son asleep in his room). I like him. He is special. Take good care of him. Don’t let him fall to death like me (Get him a car that works).
I am safe for it. Always let him be the driver when you have the chance. Big truck. F-150. Very safe for him. And no sex in the back seat. No girl would go for it in the front or back (winks, gives an okay sign).
Now get to work.
Thank you for comforting me.
Cameron Cooke.