Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Angel 101: Working With Light

Welcome to the Divine Healing Codes 'Primer'.

This is a scientific explanation of the nature behind their ability to work.  They need practice, and this is because it takes a certain amount of energy that you generate with your heart to go WITH the Divine Healing Codes and their energy which is supplied by Divine Mother.

They are very, very high energy.

For more research on the ability of the heart to generate energy--which is outside the scope of this topic--I refer you to the institute of HeartMath http://www.heartmath.org/about-us/about-us-home/hearts-intuitive-intelligence.html.

Right now, for the visual, I am going to talk about Light.

Are you ready?

Let's begin.

White Light, a form of Visible Light, has the ability to be split apart into a 'spectrum' (rainbow) and be measured. This is a diagram of a spectrophotometer, a device that measures how much of Light is absorbed. It is used in chemistry and also by extension, in quality control for manufacture of certain products.

Please forgive me as I stress something very important to this discussion:  not all light can be seen with the human eye.   We already know this about certain animals, who cannot see certain colors within the visible spectrum. Some see shades of brown instead of orange and green. Others see in 'black and white'...

Again, not all light is visible with the human eye.  Much Much MORE of the Light (electromagnetic energy) is INVISIBLE.

Can it be felt, the invisible Light?


Infrared Light is warm, and can supply heat, for example, the light shining on french fries to keep them warm often is infrared.

Too much UV light? That gets a sunburn to your skin! The entire sunscreen industry is built on the ability to block ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B light.

Too much X-rays? It can cause cancer, and possibly, depending on the exposure, burns too.

So for those of you who are visual, in this last diagram I make the point that our entire WORLD as we navigate it with our two eyes,  is a very narrow portion of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. And further, that we can measure the energy waves we can't see:

  • low level gamma rays can be measured with a Geiger counter
  • X-rays are measured in the field of Radiology with all the imaging equipment
  • there are detectors for UV, visible, and Infrared light
  • depending on the frequency--cell phones, television, and radio 'pick up' broadcast signals.

Every high school physics students 'meets' ROY G BIV--the memory guide to the colors of the rainbow. The longer wavelength colors bend less through a prism (are refracted is the proper term for it) than the shorter wavelength colors.

There is more energy transmitted with a shorter wavelength, higher frequency (more wavelengths per unit of measure) Light.

The horizontal line demonstrates the wavelength, the letter 'a' designates the amplitude of the wave.

Quantum energy has wavelengths the size of atoms, actually, even SMALLER...

The quantum energy with Reiki has not been able to be measured yet; however, it can be FELT.

Although there is no machine 'detector' for Reiki, both the healers and the recipients 'sense' that 'something is going on' while Reiki is being given....the palms of the hands of the Reiki Practitioner feel warm, and there is a sense of 'energy flowing'...

The client often senses a 'sensation' while receiving Reiki too.

Reiki can be sent across distance and time, and still be felt!

This is because it is a form of quantum energy, which is non-local. Scientists have long studied how the events on one molecule, at a great distance, can have effects on a different molecule being measured far away. 

Even their THOUGHTS can influence the outcome of these experiments...this is called the 'Observer Effect'.

So...there are some things we can measure...for example, the penetration of sunlight in clear sea water...and some things we can't.

But they can be felt.

Here is something else that can be 'sensed' by our ears...the energy of sound, which is also in waveforms...due to the pressure waves that travel through sound, solid, and air...with the following diagrams your eyes can 'see' the waveforms of what the ears hear without your even thinking about it.

This is why we get the nice stereo equipment, and pay the extra money for the movie theater with a good sound system.

There is a whole world dedicated to the energy of sound--foley operators in filmmaking, musicians, actors...sound brings us pleasure in so many ways...

What if we take sound, and do this?

What if instead of traveling in a line, it travels in another dimension we can't see?  Anyone who has ever lived in a tall apartment will tell you that sound carries very well UP as well as from side to side. All sound waves are actually spherical...and if you add the element of Time perhaps in reality the total picture look something like this?

And if we take Visible Light and represent the spectrum two dimensionally,  we get a gorgeous vector like this:

Look how the colors of the invisible on the outer edge--radio waves--come in to infrared--still not visible, pass through the visible spectrum, and then again into the invisible ultraviolet with the gamma rays at the very center. (there is a little bar at the nine o'clock position which matches the one at the top to help you appreciate the vector diagram)...

Well if that is one way to show the electromagnetic spectrum, then perhaps, what kind of energy is shown with this diagram?

Could this be a representation of how humans are capable of sending, transmitting, and receiving with their Consciousness, the highest energy form of Light of all?

Something even stronger perhaps, than Reiki?

I don't know.  I can't prove anything. But I can get you to understand that the energy in the Divine Healing Codes is extremely high vibration. As the energies of Gaia Surface increase, then more and more are given because like keys unlocking a lock--more and more of them are going to work and be 'activated'....because Divine Mother plus Archangel Raphael are going to send some of their healing energy to combine with your energy (with the limit of possibly something that is written into the Life Contract as a 'lesson')--to work with the Divine Healing Codes.

I have seen them work instantly. I have also seen Reiki instantly heal a cut, a burn, and a bruise when I have had small accidents in the kitchen and I apply my hand to the wound. This is known in Reiki communities to happen, but we don't talk about it much...

After having success with the Divine Healing Codes initially, sometimes things come back, but this again is all the more reason to keep at it. When the heart energy is strong and unwavering, the Codes will work as they are intended...all the way.

You don't have to be a Reiki practitioner--or Reiki Master--to use these codes.  

A Reiki practitioner has the 'head start' of being taught in their Reiki Training how to work with 'energy'...that's all.

So try your best, meditate, and ask you guides for their loving support as you face illness in yourself and others.

The Divine Healing Codes are here for YOU.

They are from Heaven.

and THIS is the conclusion of the topic, Angel 101:  Working With Light

Was it helpful? (big smile)

It was both a joy and a pleasure to make this 'primer' for you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc