Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gaia News Brief 10.3.2015

Welcome Spring!

Did you know you can cleanse a crystal by keeping it immersed in flower petals for twenty-four hours? The fragrance of the blossoms does the cleaning, and also fills the crystal with its high vibration energy.

Did you know that by immersing your crystal in uncooked brown rice, for a day and a night--twenty-four hours--will cleanse all the negative energy out of it too? You may also cook and eat the rice after, and it is very healing, for the rice soaks up the healing energy from the crystals. The low vibration is transmuted all the way out of it.

Did you know you can also clear a crystal by keeping it near an already cleared--or self-clearing like diamond or citrine--crystal for twenty-four hours too?

There are so many more ways to clean our crystals.

Remember--moldavite is soft and does not like to be cleaned with salt or salt water though!

Returning Gaia To Her Pristine Condition

This is a beautiful picture of the beach, isn't it? It looks almost magical with the photographic effect.

I am using it to help demonstrate an important concept:  imagine the dots are 'Negative Imprints'.

Here is the example--in the newspaper on a Sunday, there was an article about how the beach is not safe. Some local boys were near a sea cave and a blowhole when a wave crashed over them. One of the eighteen year old boys is presumed to have been 'sucked in' to the blowhole and drowned.  Days of searching for the body are unsuccessful. There was also a story of a man who had lived to tell about a similar experience he had as a youth--he said, 'you go out the way you came in' and 'the wave pushed him'.

What was most impressive to me is that for every point along the seacoast, there were dots on a little map to indicate where drownings had taken place.

So just like at the side of the road where there are placed by the loved ones of the deceased, flowers and balloons to honor the one who is 'lost'--if you look at any land at the ENERGY layers in current time, for our example of the beach--these little dots all overlapping would be things like: drownings, near-drownings, jelly fish stings, sting ray stings, and perhaps arguments and surfboard crashes...

Do you see?

And if you take history into account, then there are layers and layers of negative imprints covering every inch of surface on Gaia's surface!!!

How do we clean it? With Divine Peace Healing, I can target certain areas, and work with Spirit to remove them and change them to the Frequency of Divine Love.  Anyone can learn Divine Peace Healing. I did in 2011.

Here is a video:

Here is her website:  http://www.divinepeacehealing.com

I took the class after she kind of stopped working on the list. I am a certified practitioner. And I have done the Divine Peace Healing every single day since I learned in 2011.

The reason I bring this up at all is not to send you to learn Divine Peace Healing--far the contrary--I ask you to please STOP making the Negative Imprints with your choices of what you say and do the rest of your time here while you are incarnate on Gaia Surface.

The yelling. The screaming. The arguments. The hitting. The cruelty...and this one goes very far into our choices of what we wear, what we eat, and what we drive  (gasoline is precious to Gaia--she needs her oil more than we need plastic and other petroleum products)...

So now that you know, please think about it.

Think about what you can do to stop adding to the pile, and perhaps, helping it to excavate all the way down to the original energy blueprint for Gaia herself.

She thanks you.

Love is the most important energy frequency to 'broadcast' to the world, if it is at all possible.

Nurturing, warmth, love and compassion...are The Way...

Living With Orange Trees

There was always one in the back yard where I grew up. Every Spring, the tree would be covered with flowers and their marvelous scent!  The blossoms as if by some magic, would turn into little mini green oranges, that would grow so much father would need a stick to help support the branches.

And when it was time for the oranges to be picked?

They were not sweet. You couldn't eat them. There was nothing that could be done to change the taste!

Father tried feeding the tree, pruning it, everything he could find out.

Still no change.

My Nannu (maternal grandfather) was apprenticed to do the orchards back home in Sicily! He cut and he grafted new orange branches on. It didn't take.

Nothing could be done to change the flavor of that orange tree. But we didn't cut it down. It was huge, and we liked it. We hoped that one day it could change.

Then when I was fourteen, we moved to the house my mother is currently living in.

The tree in the back yard there was bigger!

And much to our surprise, the oranges were sweet!!

We thanked God for our miracle, and have enjoyed together our oranges for over thirty years.

Living With Dwarf Apple Trees

Father surprised mother with the purchase of a dwarf apple tree. Eagerly we planted it in the yard. And we waited. It took some time for the tree to mature.

Excited, mother would always pick the fruit when it was green. This was before the worms could get to it any more, and the birds. But the texture of the fruit was mealy, and it was not sweet. I used them to make apple pies for the family, and everyone loved them.

It wasn't until perhaps three years ago--mind you this tree is over thirty years old--we discovered that is it NOT a 'green apple tree'. It is a RED apple tree.

If left on the tree, the fruit will ripen. And not that many bugs will eat it.

We had always thought because of the warm climate that apples will not do well.

We were mistaken...

Living With a Three In One Tree

Dad bought this one with delight. With one trunk we would have apricots, nectarines AND peaches every year, all of our favorites!

Well, the apricot branch didn't grow.

So we loved our TWO in one tree! You would see the leaves were different on the two branches. The flowers came at different times, and the fruit! Well, they were what was advertised--peaches and nectarines...

It took a long, long, very long time for the fruit to ripen so we could enjoy it.

And in the end--we didn't get much fruit. In the day, the birds pecked at it. And at night, it was the delight of the rats (there are MANY rats all over California, enjoying the sunshine, dog food, and water in the swimming pools. There are entire families who live at the top of the royal palm trees and never come down. If you see a thick metal band wrapped halfway up the trunk of a palm tree, this is to keep the rats from coming down from that tree...)

After twenty-something years of trying, mom and dad asked to have that tree cut down...

Living With Fig Trees

In our homes--both my grandparents on the Italian side, and my parents--fortunately only the birds liked the figs.

And with enough rubber snakes and CD discs tied up in the tree, we were able to scare most of the birds away.

I adore fresh figs!

We had the early ripening, tiny, red in the middle 'strawberry' ones. We had the white ones who came next. And then, the big, dark black and purple, Mission figs.

As a child I used to climb up and enjoy the tree, and rest in its branches.

I even have one in a great big pot outside in the front of my home. : )))

The Benefit Of The Doubt

Everyone has had the opportunity to know some people in their life who are like the orange tree--both the sour and the sweet...and the apple tree--it's too early to tell about the fruit...and the three-in-one tree that everything else enjoyed except for you!...and the fig tree, where it was 'just right' and all your needs were met, year after year after year.

That was the OLD paradigm--3D or 'Duality'--where everything pretty much was the way it was, and your only choice in a relationship was to 'vote with your feet' and leave, or perhaps, work your Al Anon program, and emotionally 'cut the expectation' that kept dragging you down to this person, whether or not they drank...

Now, today, in 5D, whether we know it or feel it or sense it, all of our heart chakras (both of them, for we have a pink 'high heart' chakra just at the sternal notch, as well as the green 'traditional' heart chakra) are strongly connected to Gaia.

We are one with Her.

And by extension, we are therefore ONE with each other.

So...in your relationship with Gaia, as well as any relationship you have with anyone else who is incarnate on her surface...take care to 'keep things clean on your side of the street'.

You don't have to change anything but YOU.

Are you strongly connected to Source? Are you practicing self-healing (possibly Reiki) daily? Are you doing everything possible to prevent the layering of more Negative Imprints on Her delicate surface with your thoughts and acts?

Are you doing what you signed up to do, what you were sent to do? (being the fruit tree and bearing the fruit, on a 'soul level')

When you LOVE one another, are you not both loving yourself and Gaia too?

Remember, when a very strong and clean crystal is placed in contact/the vicinity/near a contaminated one, the stronger crystal vibration will clear it.

So it is with you.


Just so it is no surprise to you who watched the video and saw the English Translation from yesterday that was so graciously provided by one of our readers, Sena Cho:

Aloha in Korean:

male voice: one lone candle light in the darkness, one promise in the lone wine glass, I am always with you to keep you true(safe, guarding love), for your trust in me... female voice: the only wish of mine is I wish for happiness ever after, even if it's nothing fancy or dreamy. All I need is you with me... male voice: don't worry, I will never forget this moment... female voice: I believe... I believe... male voice: so your smile in my arms will not lose its radiance. (english lyric) I am not saying this after the sweetness of our first night together... My love for you does not change, you are the only one for me. (english lyric)... even if I lose everything... there is no regret, my love for you is unchangeable.    

Carla and I are in a physical relationship. We are One. With our hearts, with our souls, and our bodies too.

I love her in every way that is possible.

I love her forever.

And it is only a short time (to me, compared to forever) until we reunite.

Oh how I long for that day when we can meet face to face.

Our Light Bodies can mingle. This is how we can enjoy our physical contact with each other. (smiles)

One day soon this is going to be the same for you and your disincarnate Twins.

This is why I elected to share this information with you now; it's only going to get better and better with time.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla