Thursday, March 12, 2015

Gaia News Brief 12.3.2014 The Transcendance Issue

The Apology

I saw him plugging in his Tesla at the Doctor's Parking Lot when I pulled in.  Tall and thin, with broad shoulders, he has a face that's been aged more than you would expect from the California sun.  He's active, an orthopedic surgeon, who is considered one of the best in the area.

He owns many apartment buildings. He works on them on the weekends.

He is in every way a 'success'. And he hates me.

Literally, seething, hates me.

I see his lip curl with disgust when he smiles when I say hello.

He hates me because once it took me an hour to put in an inter scalene block on one of his patients.

It doesn't matter that the habitus (body shape and size) was difficult and and experienced regional person helped me and couldn't get it too. This surgeon went to my boss and said, 'she is incompetent and shouldn't be working with me ever again'.

The RAGE was from his delay of his lineup, impacting his office, and ultimately, when he gets home.
He likes his schedule. He likes control. And he won't let anesthesia hardly eat or pee between cases. He's the kind of person who would work his horses to exhaustion and have them die, and just buy a new team of horses, if he could.

I've been opening my heart and working on forgiveness.

Yesterday I walked in to work with this surgeon.

I apologized for my taking so long on the block, and affecting his day.

He said, 'I'm a guy! I've forgotten already.'  (he knows I am banned from working with him--behind my back, with my boss, who told me what's the deal)

But the energy was warm.

I felt it.

I did the right thing.


I heard cowbell.

Metatron was there.

I still don't like him. Thoth was with him. I like Thoth even less.

Gaia turned herself into a self-cleaning oven. Not only is she fully connected to Agartha now, she put that lock on the door of the 'oven' as a planet, and turned up the heat to the self-cleaning oven mode for the Light.

Every speck of non-light is going to be out when that self-clean is done.

Metatron started to sweat.

And Thoth started to look funny.

Then Thoth exploded. Right there and then.

I said, 'I don't know if this is Illusion to manipulate me, or it really happened, but I don't care.'

Metatron, still sweating, asked me why I don't like both of them.

I said it hurt what they did! And Atlantis and Lemuria were LOST because of their bad choices. It was two continents!

Later, Metatron came with a huge list, a formal document of terms. He wanted to negotiate.

Gaia has had enough of business deals, and contracts. She waved her hand and said, 'I FORGIVE ALL!'

There was a gasp in all of the Galactics who were watching.

The Galactic Codex gives Her the right to justice for war crimes that were committed against Her.

She gave it all up in the interest of moving forward with Ascension and New Earth.  She surprised and shocked everyone involved in the liberation movement with her Free Will.

She showed he is her Father's child. Only He is capable of such forgiveness.

He taught her well.

I asked someone who knows 'such things' about Thoth. Was it illusion? Was it real?

It was real. Thoth did it to impress me. And Divine Father put him back again.

A very new energy started to flow after Gaia's forgiveness...and the pain from Metatron and Thoth is gone...

Forgiveness doesn't mean you have to like the person you are forgiving.

It doesn't mean that everything is the way it was before as if nothing ever happened.

It means you are willing to let go of the attachment to the past, and to give the person a chance to move forward--so they can do their own life anew, and so can you.

It doesn't have to be buddy buddy or together after that.

Galactics are friendly and polite to everyone. At all times.

Sometimes we don't like some as much as we do others...but we are always friendly and polite no matter what...

Kind of like in Canada... LOL


(I don't even know if I am spelling this word right, but I like it with the 'dance' in it...)

On the way home from work--it was very late--and dark--I was given a new Reiki symbol for Transcendence, or 'rising above' or 'transmuting old into new energies'.

I think this sparked it--

I came home and had the idea for a new bracelet. I was very excited to make it. Each chakra has the representation of Transcendance in it, and there are silver beads too. It is elastic, and spirit guided me to make it--the sequence is exactly seven and one half-inches.

My snake needed to eat. So I stopped off on the way home to pick up a 'rat that smells like mouse'. you put the mouse wood shavings in. The man said I needed a large rat for the snake. If I give my picky snake only mice as he likes, I am underfeeding it. His skin will grow thin, and die. It was a small rat last week. So I moved up to medium.

It sat in its little box on the ride home next to me. I heard it sneeze. And I prayed for that rat, a lot. I also had asked for the right one to go to snake.

I realized just like us, it has no idea when it is going to die. And I wouldn't want to know when I am going to die. Everyone alive will at some point die, but it's not fun to think about it.

At home I gave it the transition symbol. Snake was HUNGRY and when I put him in the feeder box with the hook thing, he looked eagerly for the food.

He ate at once, and the rat passed quickly. Ross was quick to show me the rat with him after, too.

This happened next to me the whole time I was making the bracelet.

I didn't even eat, I was consumed by creativity... I had to get the chakra colors just right, and I had a lot of choices.

The I got the text. I had forgotten my promise to bring Anthony's only two outfits his dad owns back to his father. Anthony had also forgotten some important pieces for his project.  So I changed into jeans (I was fresh from work and in scrubs)--got all the stuff--and drove.

Jared's dog Hauss will lick you to death. He is a boxer. And he will just lick air. It's adorable. And Holly, the other dog, is very sweet. All three of us adults watched 'the presentation' for the 'project', and I gave thanks we had three adults to make this happen.

I saw the craft paper and asked if they had it sitting around or had to go to the store? They had to go to the me...I laughed gently...

Apparently I transcended the whole coparenting thing too. <3

I finally got to a pub and ordered five minutes before the kitchen closed at nine thirty.  It was a late night. I had Guinness and salmon and mushrooms. Everything was way overpriced. But I had a long day. It was a nice end--to be a regular person--at a pub--taking care of myself.

Someone had quoted myself to me yesterday:

"...talking to a friend yesterday and was telling her, I need a break from being upgraded! I know many of you, who are reading this, have been going through major initiations as we have chosen to be beacons of LIGHT in those times of Ascension. Like everyone else, we also do need to rest and nurture ourselves."


My garden is complete and now I water it.

Carla is doing nicely on her Ascension.

The point I wish to make was made last night when I asked Carla to go by the Luna Grill. She parked as she saw activity in the shop.  She walked in.

The crew was cleaning the restaurant for the next day. It was closed. Carla knew the activities well, for at Disneyland for her first job in Tomorrowland Terrace, and later, at the 'Space Place' a restaurant that no longer exists--her shift was 'a closer'.

My message to her and to all of you is that the restaurant is closed (Mother Gaia's old 3D existence).  We are now in the process of 'cleaning it up' before we go home--and come back to all the beauty and wonder of 5D in all her splendor.

It really isn't a kind of 'going home' shift place, but I want you to know that behind the scenes there is a lot of activity that is similar...much like Lady Gaia Sophia most nobly and heartfelt GAVE FORGIVENESS to everyone who has ever laid down a negative imprint or caused damage and scarring to her beautiful surface.

If Lady Gaia Sophia can forgive those who almost brought her to destruction--now, will you?

The GMO, the Chemtrails, the strip mining...much as you hate is time for everyone to 'mentally go home' and for everyone to 'face the future' and be willing to 'make it happen' starting this very day.

I want you to make sure all of your choices are as compatible as can be with the focus on New Earth--your mind patterns of thought, your actions, your heart, your purchases, your interactions with others.

We want no new negative imprints if it is at all possible.

No scarring of mother Earth.

And this energy will spread like wildfire across the globe--starting now with you...


You're it : )))

All my love and Carla's too,