Monday, March 16, 2015

Gaia News Brief 16.3.2015

Capture The Lesson

Yesterday I was asked to drive my mother to the charity fundraiser fashion show that my sister and niece's organization day was not my own, but I love my family, so I am glad I was able to attend.

Mother's anxiety reaches new heights. I have to assuage her. I called her from the car--I am on my way.

Once I arrived I pointed to the clock in the car and said, 'See? We are right on TIME!'  (I had taken ten extra minutes to put the Irish meal into the crock pot for Anthony.)

Mother is an unhappy person who has made tremendous personal growth.

In a word, her life lesson is MONEY.

She isn't happy because she doesn't have a lot of it like she had dreamed--and it has been this way her whole life.

That being said, she is the one who told dad they would support my efforts in college--they paid for my living expenses and I paid for everything else...and she is the one who so generously gave back all the child care I paid her for two years to start Anthony's college fund.

Mother is 'okay'.

And she had a major backslide in the car on the way to the function. So much so that it made my skin crawl and I wanted to literally jump out of the car.  My other sister wouldn't attend --not because she was helping her friend with his business--but because the guy who was helping HIM was super rich, heir to Budweiser fortune and letting them stay at his house--which made it 'okay'.

Yet these women who are rich housewives at the charity--were worse than her and she 'disliked' them.

Once we arrived I saw a Master People Person 'working it' the whole day...the compliments, the asking about the family, the complementing the exhibits for sale to the owners, the making 'friends' with the servers and managers of the country club...

I sensed for the first time, the club members were MORE sincere in their interest in mom, because they knew her story (cancer survivor), and MORE delighted with what she had to say...than the small spark of genuine interest and love I felt from Mom which kind of was against what she had talked about in the car...I realized MOM has her issues and is working on them, just like everybody else.

So what IS mom's spiritual practice?  Lots of TV 'gurus'--preachers like Joel Osteen, and now a 'Yogi'...Nature, lots of time in Nature. And also, self-inspection. For example, she realized now that dad is gone, she can focus on her own life, and how she wants to live it, which is a first for her.

I don't think mom has ever accepted her 'life lesson'. 

If there is ever anything you 'can't get right no matter what you do'--chances are, it IS your life lesson. We both get 'majors' and 'minors' in the life lesson department.

In my own life, I can SEE mom's lesson because mine is different--Love and Relationship.

In my life I have:

  • mentally decided I was a lesbian for two weeks--but couldn't change my biology of attraction. I was just so fed up with guys!
  • asked God to let me be a nun and 'get it over with'--and God said, 'No.'
  • partied at clubs and been way more flirty than I would ever be now
  • dated three men at one time for three months and then picked one because I couldn't keep my stories straight. It was exhausting.
  • crushed on a buddhist who didn't speak simply because he was the highest vibration I've met
  • accepted that I would be alone forever, and counted my blessings in that I have a son.
  • remembered who I am, enough to reconnect with my Twin Soul.

If you are struggling with your lessons, acceptance is the single most important thing you can do to accelerate your progress on them.

This is acceptance with a joyful heart and a sense of gratitude for everything else you have that is good in your life.  It's not an 'okay God you win' type of concession of defeat. It's a 'there's a whole beautiful LIFE out there, and I am going to enjoy it even with this big part missing that is important to me.'

Then it comes.

I experience happiness with Ross I never dreamed is possible. He takes care of me, and supports me in every way with his Love.  

Yesterday, in the car, on the way to the event before I picked up mom, Ross asked me a question. He asked, 'What would your life be like now if everything had worked out and you had stayed married to Mark?'

I wouldn't be a doctor. I would have children in college. I would have been bullied emotionally and probably physically too. I would have been at Mark's mercy for twenty-seven years as his wife. I would live in the house where his parents lived when we dated.  I don't even know what kind of job I would have--but I would be supporting the family...

Gently, Ross asked the following question, 'And in living that life, who would you have served?'

Those who do not have our best interest at heart!


By being withheld Love, and chasing it wherever I could find it--I ended up here! With Ross! Serving wonderful people like you...

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn...and it is a BLESSING!

So open your heart, and BE love. BE REIKI.  Follow your heart to a whole new world of Love and is possible...mine took almost half a the energies increase in Gaia, hopefully yours will be in shorter's worth it, after the wait...don't worry.


Timeline Splicing 

I share my tool from the Treasure Box gladly with you.

If there are bad memories from ANY incarnation that are holding you back--let's go take it to the editing room and leave with them on the editing room floor!

I did this to myself yesterday morning. And I must admit, I felt really 'funny' by afternoon. I had to call a friend and say, 'I'm not right'.  Ross didn't have any advice. He just traced shapes in the sand...and when I asked, he told me to 'drink tea'. It worked, the tea. My friend sent me a healing too.

Today I feel SO MUCH BETTER! Better than I did before the splice.

So if you need to 'edit' some of you life experiences--ask Ross. He and my HS will work on it for you. Just know as your timelines are adjusted, you will possibly experience 'symptoms' like I did, and they will improve in time.

The Bat is a powerful symbol of 'Rebirth' in Native American Tradition


I sent Carla to the Reptile Store to find a rat to feed Cecil, our snake. He is a full-grown Ball Python--the smallest of the python family--who is very picky about what he eats.

But that wasn't WHY I sent her.

I wanted her to buy a bat in a display case 'frame' you hang on the wall. The cost was sixty-five dollars, and I have since repaid her. It is a 'vampire bat'--and they were using the angle of the 'cool factor' to sell it at the display.

Carla had NO IDEA why I was sending it. She looked up 'Rebirth'.

It wasn't until she was with the bat, and other things, that the clerk told her the 'Bat story'--in Thailand only dead bats are taken off the ground, and kept in the freezer in preparation for the taxidermy. This is 'To Honor The Creatures'.

She was shocked.

Everyone knows that butterflies are killed when they are mounted. They have them breathe mothballs or something in a jar, then they put them up with the pins. It's pure cruelty. She had made the assumption about the bats too.

She was so grateful for the cruelty to be released.

I also sent her the following stone--raw and rough--for $4.95:  Apophyllite.

Apophyllite has been used to create a conscious connection between the physical and the spiritual realms.It allows one to both recognize and act on truth in all situations.This stone also produces a reflective aspect in motivating one to recognize and seek help with their deficiencies while giving an energy gain at these times. 

The stone was set for children to buy on a little card that had nothing more than 'from India' on it.

Carla didn't know, but I did, and had Carla not put forth the effort to 'look it up' she never would have enjoyed fully the gift I have planned for her.

Now, one month later, Carla is guiding you through the Treasure Box of all the Spiritual Gifts that are filled with the Golden Christ Consciousness energy.

Unlike others, Carla does not keep her gold Timeline Splicer entirely to herself. She offers it, with caution and a warning after having experienced the process herself! (laughs)--to you.

Will you take it?

What other gifts have you found in that treasure box for you?

What are YOUR gifts?

And are you going to share them?

(smiles, and starts tracing figures in the sand with his finger as he sits...)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
Your spiritual brother and sister.