Monday, March 2, 2015

Gaia News Brief 2.3.2015

What Happened To Carla?

My babysitter and friend Heather asked herself that the other day. She knows about my blog, but isn't a regular follower of it. She said she thought to check it, and then she was like, 'Who is this Ross?!'  and 'Is he IN a body or not?'...

Allow me to explain.

At the present moment, although it is not one hundred percent clear, I would say I have at least three-quarter percent 'clarity' on 'who I am', 'where I am from' and 'why I am here' on a SOUL LEVEL.

My body I inhabit is half-Sicilian and half-French Canadian.  There is actually a good amount of Irish thrown in on the Italian side too.   My mother is Nicolina, my father is Richard--he is deceased now for five years.

My body, and therefore, my Life Experience, in this incarnation is a Native Southern Californian, who has lived up and down the coast of the state, from Berkeley, to San Diego, for my education.

My IQ is high--I forget exactly--but after intelligence testing my mother was told I was the smartest child in the entire elementary school of over eight hundred students--when I was in the first or second grade. Wanting me to experience a 'normal' childhood this information I was never told until I was a mother myself, and a physician.

My childhood was uncanny in two ways--the first is I could 'read' adults and 'what they were thinking'--I could distinguish the genuinely nice ones from the false ones without blinking an eye.

The other is how particular I was about the way my treasures were arranged on my dresser. I had to move them around until they FELT right...

I also experienced a tremendous enjoyment of Nature in all its forms, animal,  mineral, and plant life. And when I was six, and my grandfather Gilbert--on my dad's side--remarked at a huge pile of rocks in a desert mountain one Easter vacation while we were in the back of a jeep and the rest were motorcycling through the cactus--he said, 'You could make a lot of money if you sold this.'

I saw RED.

I defended Mother Earth.


He laughed and thought I was a dumb kid. Yet on a deeper level, he knew I could always beat him at the card game, concentration, the memory game, every single time...

I remember in High School realizing there really wasn't a good match for me, in romance--and the dear sweet Tom I dated always was a little jealous of my success in academics.

Then the rest of my life got pretty quiet, with my undergraduate education, two marriages, graduate school, residency, and fellowship.

I really loved the Roman Catholic Church. I went often. When I was twenty-one I got my first Rosary, I loved it and prayed it daily.  In the short meditation after communion, I could really 'let go' and 'just be'. Soon I began to get visions. Not very good ones at first.  Then I met Barbara Matthias, the only known and medically proven visionary of Mary in the world. I actually met her before she was tested...

From then on out, my soul had a very close bond with Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary. I received messages from her in writing, and also she guided me to say the right thing or give the right gift--at the right time---to help others heal.

Soon I also was able to help spirits who were trapped between Earth and Home find their way. I would take them by the hand, one at a time, to Her, when it was needed. This was the most natural thing in the world for me to do, and I couldn't explain how I could do it.

One day I hit a spiritual crisis--I sought help from Medium Tim Braun.  I wanted to KNOW why God made me like this, and what I was to do with my intuitive gifts--or 'curse' so it felt at the time...I knew God wouldn't 'waste' anything...but I was at a total loss at the time! I didn't want to live! I learned from Tim not only am I psychic myself, like him, but how to live with this 'gift':  you study and take classes to 'learn the ropes'.

I went to Anne Reith, PhD, at the Learning Light Center. I learned to channel. I took classes. When she moved to The Sanctuary, I took Reiki. All of it. All the way up to Karuna Reiki Master...I learned Divine Peace Healing from Margaret Mc Cormick. I thought I was 'home', and settled in to a happy existence as both a physician and a certification student of Anne's in mediumship, psychic, and healer...

Spirit kicked me out.  My schedule got impossible. Anthony cried and needed me to stay with him instead of I never got the certificates. I think I am one class short for all three...

Now I do this.

I lead others.

Why? Because my 'veil' is very thin. I KNOW my soul, as best as I can, and it is so very much MORE than this body, this incarnation.  I know so much about everything my soul a nice way...

When the 'veil' thins, we get two very nice gifts--spirit guides, and 'like-minded friends'.

Where Is My Intelligence From?

Tim told me, through mediumship, my father says it is from him.

My grandfather, Nannu Filippo (on mom's side), who is also my godfather--told me he BREATHED on me during my baptism, and that is why I got such good grades. He took credit for this openly my whole life in front of the family, in a nice way...

Medicine says that--in standard coursework to become a physician--'all intelligence is  inherited from the mother'.

Is intelligence from my physical BRAIN I have in my body?

Is it from my soul?

How do I know the difference?

What exactly IS 'Consciousness'???

I have never felt so alive at I did at the moment this picture was taken. I was with Anthony and Blaze, my friend Hope's son, on the black sand beach in Puna, on my favorite, Big Island, Hawaii.

Hawaii has been calling me for two weeks now. Ever since I got back from Colorado. I need to go, for energy reasons; I can't explain it.

Even now I have on my Fourteenth Annual Ukulele Festival tee shirt from last year.

To me, that feeling of 'aliveness'--being in the right place, at the right time, for the right reason--where everything in your 'Life Contract' is a GO--is Consciousness itself...

To me, riding the energies through life are like surfing a takes skill, endurance, balance, and willingness to get the most out of the ride.

If our auras extend outside our bodies, and people can 'sense' them as our 'presence' or our 'vibe'--then we are MORE than our physical bodies, and that MORE is the part we can't see but only 'feel' with our hearts--then our Consciousness (for lack of a better term)--IS who we are!

And the stronger we BUILD our connection to Source with our Consciousness--the less we can be 'distracted' off course. The MORE we can focus on our missions, our purpose, our reason why we are alive at this moment here on Earth, which mystics say, is a pretty darn impressive time to be incarnate...on Surface Gaia...

Ross and Me:  Our Story

It is written in these pages of the blog, and is meant to be read like a book. For the 'Prequel' read this book:

It has the predictions from deceased patients and loved ones for my future happiness.

For the awakening, and the courtship, start at the beginning of the blog, and read through just until my beloved Nana Angelina crosses over to Heaven.

It was then I realized that Ross is more than some spirit guy, my Twin, who is a Galactic.

The one I love, and cherish, also happens to be the Admiral of the New Jerusalem --if you are into Galactics this will make sense to you--plus--Ashtar himself reports to Ross.

This is when the love story really begins. It is the most beautiful story I have ever known, second only to the one which impressed me so in my second grade reader, the one called 'Greylegs'...

Once upon a time, there was a princess, who was beautiful and intelligent. But her parents were concerned because of her temperment--she was 'entitled', angry and rude to everyone most of the time. They had trouble finding someone to marry her.

One prince was interested, but he had  a requirement first:  she be given in marriage to a poor Tinker named Greylegs, and live with him. If she could succeed with that then he would marry her.

They lived in squalor, far beneath her station, and it was a shock to her senses. The chores. The cooking. The routine. But her heart soon filled with love for her Greylegs, for he was a very kind man.

Her job was to go to the market in the day, and sell their wares.

Day after day, she was not able to sell much of anything. Even worse, a rich nobleman on a horse would ride by and knock over her display, throwing her pots and pans to the winds and scattering them all over the place. The princess had to jump for her life to get out of the way.

Slowly, she would pick up the pieces, mend what was broken, and make her way home to her Greylegs...devastated she would have to tell him, 'again, today, I was not a success...'

How would they eat? How would they survive? The situation was grim.

Yet she warmed to his heart, for Greylegs loved her, and she was content to spend the rest of her life with him in that state, for at last in her heart she knew Love.

One day, Greylegs went out to his work, never to return. The princess was told he had died.

The princess cried bitterly over the loss, her heart torn in pieces, for once she knew Love how soon it was taken from her!

Her parents collected her--never to be the same again--and brought her to be married to her prince, who had accepted that the princess had met his requirement.

In her finery she walked down the aisle, fighting back the tears, for in her heart, there was one Love for her, her Greylegs, and he was lost forever...

When she gazed into the eyes of her betrothed, she saw kindness, and a remarkable similarity to her Greylegs.

It had been the Prince the whole time, in disguise! And she would be together, forever with him again!  Their reign was long, and just, and they enjoyed a very large and happy family together.

On The Dark Ones

Many were overwhelmed and troubled by this blog post:

Some just set it down because the information was too much (this is the Higher Self protecting against exposure to that which does not Resonate)...

Some are like, 'I disagree'--which is fair enough.

Some are, 'I'm good how I am right now-- why do I need to know this?'  I said the stronger the connection to Source, the LESS all the lies from Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are going to convince anyone--but many people currently DO believe The Vigilant Christian and all those other UFO guys (turns out the Blink 182 guy and the other are BOTH Masons..aha!)...and it's better for those who are here as AWAKENERS to survey the playing field before they step foot on it, so to speak...

Do I get 'attacks'? Psychic ones?

Not really.

I don't think about them. Some of my 'like-minded friends' get VICIOUS attacks and see all kinds of ugly spirit things...

I had that in medical school. I wouldn't sleep. I had horrible dreams of home invasions, being shot, by these ugly reptile-faced unearthly creatures. I would run, and I would panic.  The Congo Invasion--the opening of a super huge wormhole portal from the Dark Ones off planet--happened in 1996--the very same year I graduated.   I believe those dreams were reality, only in this incarnation I didn't understand it, and some sort of 'battle' with my soul was lost, and Gaia was invaded.

This has since been closed. And of early last week, ALL such gateways and portals have been locked shut Gaia is a closed planet--nothing can go to deep space or come in--so their 'Escapes'--the ones the Dark Ones have been counting on, are gone.

Yesterday I took Anthony to a birthday party at Dave and Buster's. I used my ring to clear it. Afterwards I got very dizzy, and almost fainted. The spiritual entities inhabiting it didn't want to go. I shared with a close friend, and it got better.

The best way to metaphysically deal with the darkness is to be educated and aware of it but not dwell on it--Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart will be the first to tell you 'Energy flows where attention goes' don't give them your attention. And you'll do just fine.

Fighting it only empowers the thing you are fighting against! (this is energy).

If you can't ignore, then use humor, just a little bit. That is disempowering to the Dark Ones too.


Good morning!

These are morning glories. The photo needs to be rotate ninety degrees counter clockwise. I told Carla not to worry--she can't figure it out--and I ask for your forgiveness for her fault with the image.

Morning glories are divine perfection in the film world. For they are difficult to 'capture' for their visual effect:  ultraviolet light comes BACK once absorbed by the blue color in the flower and it is re-emitted into the very high frequency visible light spectrum. So for film processing, the Fuji film company focused on it, and mastered it, to the point of making it their emblem for their company in all internal correspondence..or something like that...(he kneels down, sort of squats asian-style and looks you in the eye--ed)

But where is this today in the time of digital photo images?

Do these not have a 'glow' to them that approximates the effects without really having to do anything special?

Our team will come to you, and in that subtle way, all of the struggle that has been with you in the Awakening Department will go the way of the old-fashioned film.

Your life will be 'digital'.

And you will be able to 'capture' the 'lost essence' of who you are,   and why you are here at this time, and that veil which separates you from all of your knowledge as a soul will lift.

You will look at the Akashic records.

You will KNOW your Star Family...many of those incarnate now--already have an idea who their Star Relationships are...not just me and Carla...but for EVERYONE ON THE PLANET TO BE LIKE WHERE WE ARE RIGHT THIS MINUTE NOW in a very short amount of time, without having to do the work like Carla and all those forerunners did to lay the path for you. (he stands up -- ed)

I want you to enjoy it.

(He takes the dust off his hands by hitting them against each other, palm to palm, in a sweeping motion--ed)

It's a wrap.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla