Saturday, March 7, 2015

Gaia News Brief 7.3.2015

Rest and Relaxation

Yesterday morning, Dr. Usui himself came through with a 'boost' in learning to balance the energies which are flowing out and flowing through and flowing in to us as healers. Although Reiki itself does not deplete the healer when it is given, and in fact, gives one a healing too as it travels through one as a healer to a client...being alive today in our four and one half D environment IS completely draining.

Especially when we take all of our individual Ascensions into account.

Yesterday I was extremely sleepy when I got up. Thursdays we stay up late for the homework.  My son thought it was really a Saturday, and it took all my motherly skills to get him out of bed and to the table and then into the car. I had to think for him, literally. Please do this (put things in backpack). Please get dressed (he looked surprised! He was in his sleeping clothes and had thought he already WAS dressed!)

I just barely got to work on time...

As I was barreling down the highway, that old familiar stress starting to settle in, and I was trying to ignore it, I got a Galactic Surprise...

Ross came in.

He smile and said good morning.

And he FARTED!

He farted ON PURPOSE!

I couldn't believe it and I started totally cracking up.

Then Ashtar came too, and they were just literally farting up a storm, totally pleased with themselves the same way Anthony is here, or my dad would be when he said, 'pull my finger'.

I guess you could say, it was a Galactic joke on me, just like our relatives from New Hampshire with the wicked sense of humor would play something silly like that 'just to get you'--and I LOVED IT!!!

(I also showed Ashtar what a whoopee cushion is, and he DELIGHTED in surprising Ross with that back at the helm. I got Ross back too!)

After taking care of a board member and a trustee, all went well, but my need was for the sand...after work.

I called some friends who are like me--Star Family

I shared the beach on Skype with them and even dogs came up to say hello...

Then I did absolutely nothing!

Intuition told me 'there is a shark in the water'. All I saw was a seagull low to the water--then some fins--DOLPHINS! There was a pod. You know it by the birds because when the dolphins hunt the fish, some jump out of the ocean trying to escape, and then there are birds waiting to catch them.

A short time later, I saw a blow. OF A WHALE! I have NEVER seen a whale from the shore. When it dove I saw one more blow and a tail (it didn't fluke) with a lot of barnacles on it. I think it was a grey whale. I was super, super,duper excited to have seen both the dolphins and the whales!

I got my feet wet (I was in jeans and a sweater, and the water was freezing) I watched people.

When I got back home I had about an hour and a half before I picked up Anthony.  I was torn. I was both sleepy and hungry, but the sleepy won out, and I napped. Then I ate.  And I rushed to school.

There are still dishes in the sink. There are some projects for work and home to do. The laundry needs to be folded and put away.

I can only do so much and I am working on the weekend. I must conserve my energy. Now is the time to do this. Otherwise I can't work--in the O.R. or as a healer...

Divine Healing Codes

Five new codes came in. I thought because of one of them, I might introduce them here. These are not yet added to the master list. They are from Divine Mother:

  • 56 78 321     to easily identify the energy signature of another
  • 99 61 546     to assist in job loss and job recovery (to heal)
  • 56 11 926     to help parents whose children are in adolescence--to cope with their affect (moods) they present
  • 51 34 581     to shine one's light brightly no matter what is going on in their life experience
  • 18 51 350     to experience the energy of the seashore when one is landlocked

After Mass

My neighborhood church was built in the seventies. It was too small for the congregation. When I was pregnant there was no room, and I would have to stand. I kid you not. Nobody gave up their pew for me...that's another story LOL.

When my son was born, we went to the 'cryer room'. I fully expected him to let me worship and then to copy me with the kneeling and the standing and the sitting...for the whole time. 

For the most part he did it. 

He also loved to pass the collection basket around in that room.

But our most precious memories, are the ones we had at that church together.  

Anthony would run to the donut man after mass. A big tall Italian man, Anthony would 'confess' to him, and say, 'I did the prayers, I shook hands, I kneeled, I did it ALL!' and he would get to buy two donuts. Anthony was ALWAYS the first in line. He liked the maple bar and the chocolate 'hot dog donut'. I would get old-fashioned and the free, though terrible, coffee.

By the side of the church was a very large statue of the guy the church was named after. Like, a twenty feet tall statue. And a lot of trees and grass. We would sit on the grass and eat our donuts. We would call grandma and grandpa. We enjoyed the sun and explored. Anthony in particular liked to pick up pine cones and throw them over the fence and watch them roll down the hill. 

An extra mystery was in Lent, when all the Fish Fridays stuff was in the back. Many electric extension cords to walk on the pattern and follow.

It was fun.

They wanted to 'rebuild' the church. The Hall was torn down and rebuilt first, taking with it the beautiful rose garden and the shrine to Blessed Mother. So we went to the OTHER side of the church for our donuts after mass. This one was dirt, and fortunately, the workers left a chair or two, folding chairs. 

This one had sticks, a big hole, and a fence where we could look into the construction site. Anthony liked me to pick little seed pods off the weeping willow tree, and he could throw them into the hole.

Then they closed that too, after the new church was complete.

They tore the old church down, the one where Anthony was baptized, and they made it a parking lot.

Ross wanted me to share you this.
And also that I don't go now. 
I stopped in July 2012, after I read the Little Red Pill--you can find links to it here on the search box if you are interested.
I also stopped giving the church money.
I used to tithe. Even in medical school when I had no income, only student loans.
I went to mass regularly since I made my first communion. 
I loved loved loved the church.
I still do.
Only the best part of it.

It's what is hidden that makes me not want to go.

Find it.

Find what it hidden.

Everyone needs to know.


So I fart! (he giggles at his joke he played on me)

Carla doesn't do the dishes. At least she is not like her mother and resorting to paper plates. Carla will get around to them. 

So Carla doesn't go to mass.

And I am who I am.

There in itself is our 'dirty laundry'...

But I love her...

And so do you.

Anthony needs to have breakfast. There is a big basketball game for him in the afternoon. Carla has many goodbye from us for a little bit.

P.S. How about those dolphins? (he smiles--ed) And the WHALE? (he smiles even bigger--ed)

that was to make up for my fart.   (he totally, totally cracks up, like bending over and holding his stomach cracking up!!! --ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla