Sunday, July 20, 2014


Today wasn't the greatest.

After writing Momi last night, today was relentless. Battling a nine-year-old boy's emotions takes a toll on you.

We did exactly what he asked to do, go karts. But by the third race which was already paid in advance, he wanted nothing to do with it. He wanted mini-golf someplace else.

Anticipating a wait while he went through his races, I had brought with me my laptop, which is heavy when you carry it in your purse. I couldn't leave it in the car, or the locker. It needed to go home.

I got all kinds of emotions of resistance--sullenness, flopping in the car and not budging, the silent treatment, faces.

I managed to get us to lunch where he lay in the booth, in fetal position, sulking. Once the food went in, after much coaxing, things were better for a little while. An insulin-resistant kid is really challenging as the sugar levels drop. (This was from the Gatorade he insisted on having, even though I suggested water, after the races.)

There was a moment where I did not know what to do. I saw he was finally upright and playing with the plastic wrapper from the straw as we waited for the food. I took mine and turned it into a bunny. I made it hop and do dives across the table absent-mindedly.

And he laughed!

I brushed tears out of my eyes that this latest round of hell had a break in it, a breather...

What was different was this time, I realized all too well, that my emotions were shot.

I felt just as wounded and vulnerable as I did when I was married to my abusive first husband and my bipolar second husband...

Energetically, I KNEW my aura and emotional body was weakened, and after a lot of asking for things as I mailed a package right after lunch--you know how those little mom and pop places charge so much for stationery supplies?--I just wanted to go home!

I played the ukelele a little, and then I listened to my body and took a nap.

I was still badly shaken at dinner time.

The poi had frozen on the top shelf of the fridge, as I looked for something to cook..poi has frozen over! LOL

For me that was almost as funny as the bunny that I made at the restaurant...

I love poi.

It is my comfort food.

You either love it or you don't.

I want to share some pictures with you so you too will know what poi is.

this worker is planting taro plants

taro leaves are used as wrappers, in underground ovens, and for many other purposes

This is a taro field in Hanalei valley, Kauai

taro root looks like this, most often it is purple

taro is very healthy with lots of antioxidants; I like to add it to smoothies (be sure to peel it first!)

Poi--ground up taro root-- is the 'mashed potatoes' of the Native Hawaiians

It is eaten with the fingers, just like this. Traditional poi is a little sour because it is fermented, but today's Hawaiians prefer it with a sweet taste. It is offered at luaus and sold in grocery stores.

The local Mc Donald's has 'for a limited time only', taro pie
(it looks like their 'apple pie'--not like this image, but it's close)

It is used in bread products like these Chinese dumplings

Or this taro 'milk' boba beverage

There is another plant on the islands that brings me joy and is my passion...lilikoi <3

Growing up, this beautiful flower lived on the fence just outside my bedroom window.
I admired it with wonder as each year the flowers would return in their bloom.

You could imagine my surprise when the flower made a seed, or a fruit? I wasn't sure if it was safe to eat. Many years passed before I got up my courage with these mysterious gifts of mother nature.

One day I didn't care if it was my mother's plant and I could have got in trouble.
I didn't care if it was poison and I died--I HAD to open it.
Inside was the most beautiful sweetness, just like this.

So for today, I welcome you to the flavors of the island, pineapple, of course (which is really from South America! How funny is that?), coconut or as the people call it, haupia (how-pee-uh),  taro and poi, and passionfruit or lilkoi (lily-koi).


Carla, are you better?
C:  yes, I am better. It's been quiet, we've had dinner, I ate my poi, and the IZ station is playing on Pandora.

Are you okay to give a message?
C:  Can I have a minute to put the clothes in the dryer please? The wash is done.

Go ahead. I will wait...
C: (I return)
Are you okay honey? Are you ready to write?
C: yes

What has happened to Carla with Momi is not an accident.
It is not an accident.

Carla went yesterday on an assignment to the top of Diamond Head at my request. There was something I asked of her, which she silently did. It is between the two of us, but between you and I, dear one who reads these words, it was important. Carla saw with her third eye the Light and how far it reached--let me say that Honolulu is in the middle of a very large part of what was once the continent of Lemuria, and because of her soul signature 'status' or 'vibration' she was successful and able to touch the hearts of just about every individual on the planet with my assistance as 'just a little help'.

This Light in your hearts, like the beautiful small taro plants, is lovingly and gently set inside by the careful heart and soul of my beloved Carla.

The reason I am telling you this today, is that Carla did this work without thought of herself, and was only going to write it in her Journal and never mention it to anyone ever again.

Out of gratitude to her for her diligence and perseverance against overwhelming odds, I have given to her two additional Reiki symbols that are of very high strength in spirit.

They are for her, and for her use alone to help the planet and all of her inhabitants.

What would you expect from an imbalance in a Lightworker who goes to such lengths so unselfishly to advance the Light?

A rebound effect, of sorts.

This is why she was so vulnerable in her person, her emotions, and in her spirit...and this is why the attack in spirit came through to her in Momi the way it did.

This is why today was not pleasant for her.

This is why she took a nap.

Our teams did incredible work to 'shore her up' and re-energize her for her healing work.

Carla is but one of MANY Lightworkers on the planet who continue to give so very much of their energy and their knowledge to assist those who do not know what they do to awaken them to full consciousness.

This is a 'rescue' mission, and of many Light Teams who so unselfishly serve, and of which Carla is but a very small, minor EXAMPLE...I give this message today to you.

I thank you for your love and steadfast energy towards the awakening of surface Gaia, on behalf of my team 'up here' and all over the Universe.

The end is in sight!

And when it happens, through all your joy, dearest one reading these words I share with you tonight,  I humbly ask, if you would be so kind, and do not mind, why not stop and take a moment to give thanks for the many who continue to endure the 'cycles of energy from Lightwork' like the example that is shown by Carla that I shared with you tonight?

I will sign off for both of us--
How beautiful you are to our hearts! (touches his chest, and smiles, a very warm and happy smile)

Aloha and mahalos,
Peace (that has always been my part... ; )    )

Carla and Ross
and our little family